Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Home Alone

As much as I love My Sweetie, I have been really enjoying my home alone time. He left Saturday morning and late Saturday afternoon Carole and I took off. We stopped at the wig store first. I was looking for something to make pigtails that will look somewhat like this:

The wig store lady was not helpful at all, and then Carole asks, "What about something like this?" She's holding up this fake hair ponytail holder and it looked like a good idea. She found one that matched my hair and then we were able to find three more:
After getting them home and studying them I realized I need to get the elastic stretched out a bit, so I put them over a very wide plastic cup so that they were stretched pretty much to their limit:

I put plastic over that to keep them clean and set it in the garage, because nothing breaks down elastic better than heat. I'm going to leave that out there for a few weeks and then find a good place to cut through and then hot glue that section so I don't lose any hair and then cut through. If the elastic is still tight, I will attach weights to the ends and hang them up for a while. I have almost two months, so I should have plenty of time. Then I am going to sew two strips together for each pigtail (or ponytail).
Oh, so getting back to Saturday, after that we ran some errands and picked up something for dinner and had that over here. Then it was play time. We played the Wii resort sports games. We started out with archery and then did that crazy canoeing followed by basketball and bowling. My shoulders are still a little sore from the canoeing and basketball. It was a really fun day. Thanks Carole!
Sunday was day one of Operation Clean-up. On top of doing some major decluttering I also prepped the beach bathroom for trim painting. I wanted to paint the door, doorframe and windowsill. Fortunately there are no baseboards in there or I would have had to paint those, too. When they tiled that floor, they did a tile baseboard type thing, which I like a lot.
Since I was going to paint the door, I decided to remove those plastic hooks that the former owners had stuck up there. Even though I LOVE hooks, I'm not a giant fan of plastic ones, and I have a brass seashell hook that I want to put there. I took my old rusty putty knife and got it wedged in there and used a hammer. Let me just say that if you ever do that, stick some sort of padding there or you will make ding marks where the hammer may hit:
I used some sort of little video game booklet. A folded map would work too.

You can't really see the difference in the windowsill before and after except the before has tape around it and the after has my goofy beach junk on it, but that windowsill and the door and door frame were really grungy.

Anyway, I did the painting today (Monday) as well as a lot of other good stuff. Tomorrow, I have another whole day to do stuff except that it's almost 4:25 a.m. so I will probably sleep for a good part of it. I've enjoyed being able to vacuum, use an electric sander and shower in the middle of the night (not at the same time). But I do miss My Sweetie.


VioletSky said...

You must be very patient. I would be wanting those pigtails right away, now. Even if I didn't need them for two months.

Jazz said...

I'd never have thought of something like that for pigtails.

And can I come over and play?

geewits said...

~~It's not so much that I am patient, it's just that I am exceedingly thrifty and I like a challenge.

~~Please do! I have plenty of wine.

XUP said...

I had to laugh at the picture of you vacuuming and sanding while showering at 4:00 o'clock in the morning.

geewits said...

~~Hee hee! Even if I weren't afraid of being shocked, it would be hard to do because I also drink beer in the shower. I can't even drink beer and do either of those things outside of the shower.

Carole said...

I had lots of fun Saturday too! :)
Great idea about stretching out the hair pieces. Have fun tomorrow! Night night...

Carole said...
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Carole said...

Oops, my comment posted twice, so I deleted one.

geewits said...

~~Thanks again for driving and all the fun!