Friday, September 11, 2009

The 4 By 4

Before I get back to the posts you guys voted on, I decided to do a quick post that VioletSky tagged me with. (Tagged me for?) The rule was to open your picture storage folder, then choose the 4th picture from the 4th folder. VioletSky ended up with a beautiful picture of NYC's Central Park. When I saw her picture I figured I'd get something horrible like a picture of my toe or my swollen eye or something so I was really surprised to see this:

That's a picture of Citywalk in Orlando that I took as we were walking back to our hotel. I did a post about that trip last January. I think it's weird that VioletSky and I both had "water" pictures. Okay hers is actually an ice rink, but hey, ice is water. It is! Anyway, I think you should all try this and I think you will be surprised what you find. Even if you are not a blogger you should do the 4 by 4. It may remind you of something good.


VioletSky said...

I looked back at some of the others who had done this and one of the comments was that it was interesting how many happy memories came up for several people.

Interesting you were afraid you'd get your toe... my next folder (the following day in NYC) showed the toe of the huge dinosaur in the Natural History Museum in the 3rd to 6th pics!

Jazz said...

I like that picture. I'll do it sometime this weekend at the cottage.

Scarlet said...

I love Citywalk! We must get back there this fall.

I'll have to try this 4/4 challenge. Now you have my curiosity up!

Jocelyn said...

I have a handful of "picture" folders on two different computers, so now I need to hack around. Fun!

geewits said...

~~Ooh! I want to see the dinosaur toe! Have you already posted it?

~~Good. I was hoping you would do this.

~~It's fun being surprised at what you find.

~~I had the same thing so I had VioletSky pick which computer.

XUP said...

I don't have photo folders. I almost never take photos and when I do they're so awful i don't even know what they're of. I am inept.

geewits said...

~~No that's just silly.