Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Imaginary $1000

I asked for suggestions, and I said I would do the easiest one first and that was from Jocelyn. She said:
You've been given a thousand dollars and MUST spend it on something completely fun and frivolous--no do-gooding or world-saving allowed. You must spend it on YOU, for damn fun.What do you use it for? Why?
Well here is what I would do with my $1000: I would buy a plane ticket to Vancouver for April or May. That would take 5 to 6 hundred. I would spend another hundred on a few new tops. I would take the rest for fun money to treat Josie for dinner at least twice.
I have fallen in love with Vancouver after seeing it through Josie's eyes. Also my husband said it was probably the most beautiful city in the world. I love vacation spots where you can walk everywhere and I know that is true for Vancouver because Josie does not drive. We would spend HOURS laughing and talking. I would probably wear her out, but we would both enjoy every minute of it. Imaginary thousand dollars or not, this is still something I want to do and I hope will happen. The free $1000 would be sweet, though!
I would also look forward to meeting some more of my Northernmost blogger friends. Sitting in a nice Jazz club or just enjoying the scenery would be great. And what great pictures we would get! And sights like the picture above and the smell of an ocean breeze? And didn't I hear something once about crab bisque? Mmmmmmmm. Hey Jocelyn, where do I get this $1000?


JR's Thumbprints said...

Josie should become a travel writer. She certainly knows how to present Vancouver. I'd like to go there myself.

Josie said...

Geewits, I am SO looking forward to you coming to Vancouver. Every day I keep thinking of great things we can do. I see something and I think, hey, Geewits would like to do/see that.

Crab bisque? I know where they serve the BEST crab bisque.

There is only one teensy, tiny, itty, bitty problem with this post. That's a picture of Victoria. Heh, heh. But, hey! We can go there too. It's only a short ferry ride away and I think you would enjoy that. Then you could get to meet Ian, hey Ian? Heh.

Scarlet said...

Here's a plan: why don't we ALL go see Josie in Vancouver? LOL

Seriously, that sounds like a great way to spend $1,000. I hope you get to do it!

geewits said...

~~I tried to get my husband to take me BEFORE I knew Josie. Now it's just icing on the cake that I know her AND have learned so much.

~~That's Victoria? How embarrasing! I found it under Expedia travel Vancouver. Those morons! I'm pretty easy. I want to see the water, see some boats, walk around and look at stuff and drink beer. I'd like to meet Ian AND Tai, but I don't think Ian would want to meet at a bar.

~~I think I have talked my husband into sending me there!

Josie said...

Tai is in Vancouver today, and she phoned me to go for a coffee, but I have the Munchkins this afternoon. I told her about you coming to Vancouver and she would love to meet you. Victoria is gorgeous, as well.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Between the two cities, I think Victoria is far more lovely.... of course, I'm a little biased, being an Island girl at heart. :)

I'm sure you've have fun, wherever you go!

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

*I'm sure YOU'LL have fun. Please excuse my inability to write a single sentence in the same tense....

geewits said...

~~That's great you guys got to chat! (I'm still trying to remember the last book I read!)

~~I take you are another lucky soul from a beautiful spot on this earth?

Tai said...

Hey Geewits! That IS Victoria, but it wouldn't be too difficult to buzz over here for a quick trip. Or I can come to see you in Vancouver, after all, us Westcoast girls are more than happy to show off our beautiful cities.

(Josie and I talked about your upcoming visit! Can't WAIT!)

Smalltown RN said...

Josie has an absolutely wonderful of showing off Vancouver....I know you will enjoy it...I grew up in Vancouver, I my girls still live there...I visit regulary as it is only ferry ride truly is a city that has so much to offer...culture, fabulous foods, the sight seeing is fantastic..the moutains and ocean on your door step....and it is all described by no one better than Josie....I really hope you enjoy your stay there in the spring...cheers...

Lolo said...

Dude!!! I wanna go too!

Ian Lidster said...

The Empress Hotel is about a 15 minute walk from our Victoria apartment, so come on over.