Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let the people decide (this means you)

We were trying to replicate my profile pic so you could see how much Barney has grown. This, of course, is the old picture that was taken in August:

These are the two My Sweetie took tonight. I thought I'd also go ahead and update my profile pic, because I like to keep it current, but I thought it would be fun if you guys decide which one you like best.

I'm just glad I don't look like the weird bloated creature that I looked like at the state fair. If I ever get the guts, I'll post one of those. They were really awful!

So I guess we can just call these "the first one" and "the second one" or you can just say, "I don't give a rat's ass." heh, heh. I've been thinking about my Dad a lot lately and that was one of his expressions. Oh and it's been 9 days since my haircut and I have JUST started to like it. I really really hated it for about 5 days. I just noticed that in the first new picture, Barney is doing THE EXACT SAME THING as in the old picture. My Sweetie called him, whistled, tried all sorts of noises, but Barney just would not look up. And speaking of cats, I FINALLY got a picture of all four cats. Except for Barney and Rufus, my cats do not like each other so they are rarely in one place. I got this a few Sundays ago:

The orange tabby is 18 years old. His name is Jake. Lilly, the ragdoll, is our only female. She is the smallest cat, but is 10 years old. Rufus is the black shadow under the chair, because black cats are like vampires and are hard to see. He is the biggest cat, but I was looking at Barney tonight and I think he will outgrow Rufus. But he will have a tiny head, sort of like a Cervil. Well, I guess that's enough about cats. Oh yeah, so let me know which picture to use for my profile. I will go with the majority vote and I will leave this up until very late Wednesday night - when I will have my Halloween porch pictures.


Jazz said...

I like the "new and improved Barney in the same pose as the little baby Barney" picture.

And I love your haircut. You look asbsolutely smashing!

Scarlet said...

You look fantastic! Love the hair color. ;)

I also like the names of your cats. Barney and Rufus...those two make me laugh.

I can't wait to see pics of your porch!

ticknart said...

You make me miss having cats around.

Big Brother said...

I'll go with Jazz, the picture that is similar to the first one.:o)

Tai said...

I really like the first one, I'm putting my vote in with Big Brother and Jazz.
That blue shirt really lights up your face! So lovely!
Barney is BIG!

geewits said...

Wow. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments. Now I am blushing.

Ian Lidster said...

You, my dear, are most wonderfully photogenic. The cat's cute, too. My old boy, Griffin, is also 18 and getting stiff in the hind quarters.

geewits said...

~~Jake gets around well, but has gone deaf. And quite often he looks like he's forgotten what he was doing.

geewits said...

~~Is it just me or does it look like I keep wearing shirts that match my blog?

Jammie J. said...

I like picture #1. :)

Josie said...

I LOVE your new haircut. It's wonderful. I think I like the middle picture as well, with Barney in the same pose. It's a really good one of you as well. They both are.

My gosh Barney has grown. He was the world's teeniest, weeniest cat when he first adopted you. Heh.

geewits said...

~~It's always funny with new haircuts. I always hate them at first and then finally figure out what to do with them. As for barney, I think he's going to be REALLY big.