Monday, October 22, 2007

Live from New York!

I've always had weird dreams but a couple of years ago I had a dream that I had an entire scalp transplant and I had long straight blonde hair. The kind of hair I dreamed about in elementary school. In the dream, I still had the stitches going around my hairline. Then the other day Leno said there was news of scalp transplants from cadavers. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, and I said, "I DREAMED THAT!"


I could do post after post of my weird dreams but I only remember most of them long enough to tell my husband and then we laugh and then I forget them. Some, like the GOD dream, I have a record of, because I e-mailed it to my Mom. The one dream that I will always remember is my "Saturday Night Live" dream. It was truly the perfect dream. I don't remember the year now, but I'm guessing it was between '91 and '93 because Phil Hartman and Dana Carvey were on the show. I was the host. I came out and did my opening bit and then was in several sketches. I really remember the backstage part. Then about 30 minutes into the show, Lorne Michaels came to us and said, "The band's not going to make it!" He was freaking out and I said, "I'll fill in." Then I did stand-up comedy for the 4 or 5 minutes the band was going to perform.


When I woke up, I felt so good. I had such a good time and it was so realistic! I've told so many people about it over the years we joke about the time I hosted "Saturday Night Live." Much better than the blonde hair transplant! And maybe I should get one of those little recorders to record my dreams when I wake up.


Jammie J. said...

Those are some really incredible dreams. I've had dreams that I wrote the perfect song, woke up unable to remember the lyrics or melody. So sad.

Oh, we live near the Santiago Canyon fires, not the Malibu fires. Basically California is on fire tonight. So scary, I hate it when the fires start.

geewits said...

~~I hope you guys are spared from harm. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Jazz said...

A scalp transplant? If they're doing it, they should pay you a cut on what they make. You thought of it first.

ticknart said...

That dream is wonderful. Just the sort you want to have again.

Tai said...

LOL! I have really interesting dreams, too. Writing them down in the morning sometimes helps to remember them.

Ian Lidster said...

Phil Hartman (sigh). So talented and so funny.
I loved the cartoon, absolutely cracked me up.

Josie said...

Omigosh, your dreams are far more interesting and entertaining than mine!

I have a recurring dream where I have tea with the Queen. I'm in Buckingham Palace, and it's very realistic. She is always relaxed and cracking jokes. But that's nothing like doing five minutes on Saturday Night Live...! Heh.

geewits said...

~~Yes I did. I suppose you'd have to take those immune suppressant drugs, though. That's not good.

~~Yes, but they've never invited me back.

~~I'm one of those people that always wakes up "behind." I always have a thousand things to do as soon as I get up. I could do the recording while I was running around the house, though.

~~Yeah, Phil Hartman was great.

~~Five minutes? I was the HOST. The stand-up I did to "save the show" was cool, though. And heck, I forgot to mention the after-party.

Scarlet said...

How fun is SNL? Well, for me it would feel more like a nightmare, all that stage time trying to make the live audience laugh (no laugh tracks).

I loved Phil Hartman. I can't believe his life ended so tragically. Chris Farley was another favorite from the show.

Sweet dreams! Good-night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

geewits said...

~~It was SO fun and realistic. I don't think that dream can ever be topped. I hope to have good dreams tonight and hope you do too.