Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Alway Something. Or Something Else

Maybe Josie was right about the full moon being bad. And this is no regular full moon. This is the perigee moon. The biggest (closest) one there is. I took these Wednesday night on my way home.
A few days ago I noticed I was wheezing a lot and started to cough some. I decided to go all ostrichy about it and decided it was the change in the weather - we got our first cool weather - and it was being caused by my postnasal drip from that. It wasn't too horrible and I figured it would go away on its own.
Wednesday's Meals on Wheels was a bitch. There was some sort of wreck on Denton Highway that had the entire 7 lane road closed - get this - RIGHT WHERE I NEEDED TO GO! I knew enough about the neighborhoods over there to figure out an alternate route, but apparently so did everyone else. Do you know how weird it was to be in stop and go, congested traffic in a little neighborhood with teeny unmarked streets? Oh and did I mention I had TWELVE people? That's a whole page. I actually had two pages because the total counts are printed at the bottom of the page and they ran out of page. When I picked up my sheet and saw the staple I was all "oh no" because I had so many things I wanted to get done that day. Oh, okay back to Denton Highway. So after the interminable Denton Highway/neighborhood scramble, when I reached the intersection of Denton and Watauga road the stoplights were being worked on and were flashing red. So Denton, the seven lane road and Watauga, the 5 lane road were basically a 12 way-stop. Texans are not good at this sort of thing. In these type of circumstances, I sit there like a crazy person and decide exactly when it is my turn and then glare at everyone like a maniacal fiend and just go.

After my route was finished -and it took an hour and a half - I finally had my catfish and ate it too. Then I went to the post office to mail Lo's birthday present and to get Jazz's gift to her. (I STILL kick myself for leaving it here that night!) I did my Halloween shopping. I found a skull and a lot of black gaberdeen to make my ghoul. I think I need some chicken wire, though. I also bought some black toile fabric for another project and some embroidery floss. After that I went to Italianni's and had a perfect bar time. I talked to an old man on my right about home improvement projects and then a lady on my left about adult daughters. These are two subjects I most definitely know something about. After I got home, I noticed I was having to cough a lot. That was really getting on my nerves and I blamed the postnasal drip.

When I went to bed Wednesday night, my wheezing was so bad, it sounded like two or three cats in heat. That was around 4:00 a.m. I woke up at 6:00 and then again just before 8:00. Now I was really having trouble getting a breath and started to feel a bit panicky. So I called the doctor and they said it was 9:00 a.m. or nothing, so I bucked up and jumped in the shower and made it over there. Anyone that knows me would be so shocked by this, but as I told my husband, "Desperate times call for desperate measures." I did not want to have pneumonia again!
My oximeter level was not as bad as I expected (93) but I sounded awful and he put me on the nebulizer (the breathing treatment machine). It was like an old friend and fixed me right up. He says that it's possible I could have developed asthma in my "old age," but he chose to go ahead and treat this like bronchitis.
So here's the thing. I have been looking like crap lately and figured maybe it was from all the steroids I took. Everyone knows they do weird stuff to your face. Well my friend told me that usually goes away in about 6 weeks. Well since my doctor decided to treat this like bronchitis he put me on steroids, an inhaler and antibiotics. I guess I will be able to breathe again, but my face will look like the full moon. At least I won't need to dress up Wednesday to give out candy. I'm sure I'll be scary enough.


Jammie J. said...

The moon is very Halloween-ish here, all orangey/yellowish from the smoke.

I'm sorry about your face, that just sucks. :( I hope it clears up sooner than that.

geewits said...

~~Like I told Leslie, the only thing I can do right now to make my face look better is to smile a big earnest smile. Those make everyone look better. Oh, except Jerry Seinfeld. His big smile is kinda creepy.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Gee, I hope you will feel better, very very quickly. I didn't think that doctors handed out steroids like other drugs...I know the steroids are miracle workers, but there are a lot of downside things to them, too...
Lovely pictures of the moon! So pretty!

Jazz said...

Oy. Welcome to the athsma club. I developed it a couple of years ago. Every time I have a cold it kicks in.

If it can make you feel better, the steroids in inhalers don't do weird things to you because they're so localized. They stay in your lungs and don't go wandering around the rest of your body.

Jazz said...

Or so my doctor told me.

Ian Lidster said...

Suffering from ongoing sinus woes, especially after a cold, I can only say that steroidal sprays are great. Just do what I once did and get into that Dristan spiral, I think it's worse than crack cocaine in its addictive properties, and after a while it doesn't work at all, and you're left off worse. This too shall pass, my friend.
Love your moon shots.

ticknart said...

Man, that sucks. Feel better soon.

geewits said...

~~They are usually tight with steroids, but I guess it's different when it comes to breathing. I snapped the pictures through my windshield while I was sitting at stoplights.

~~They gave me shots at the hospital and then a giant bottle that took about two weeks to dose down on and now I have another med-pac of pills. But I think this is only a five day thing.

~~My high school boyfriend was addicted to that stuff and then grew up to be a coke-head. I wonder if they are somehow related?

~~Thanks and yes it does.

Josie said...

Geewits, one of the doctors here said that if you do aerobic exercise, it lessens the bad effects of the steroids. So, if you are able to do it, walk on your treadmill for about 15 or 20 minutes a day.

Those are fabulous moon shots. I can see the man in the moon. :-)

geewits said...

~~How strange! I came in here to put on Blogger Play to watch while I walk on the treadmill. I find it more interesting (stimulating?) than TV. Besides you really have to crank the TV to hear it over the treadmill and I hate loud TV.

Tai said...

oh UGH! Just when you thought things were improving.
Ah, well, sounds like you're on the right track.
Take care of yourself!

Scarlet said...

What a were doing so well!

The pictures of the moon are fantastic! You can stay behind the camera for a few weeks until you're all better and looking beautiful again. ;)

geewits said...

~~Yes. Being decrepit is as UGH as it gets!

~~Ha! "beautiful again"? One can only hope.

Jocelyn said...

Is it wrong of me to love how you tied your face into the full moon?

Just feel better, and we don't care how you look. Breathing is most important!

geewits said...

~~It's not wrong. And yes, the breathing is so good!