Friday, October 19, 2007

Fun at The Fair

I'll talk about the only bad thing first. As I was getting ready Wednesday morning, I watched TV and the weather people said it would be mostly cloudy, scattered showers, with the sun peeking out occasionally, with a high of 79. So I wore a dark shirt that is sort of thick. Those bastards lied. On the news that night they said the high was 89. THAT'S A TEN DEGREE DIFFERENCE!! Plus I think it was more like 92 at the fairgrounds. I was a hot sweaty beast and my hair turned into something so horrible I can't even describe it. It was like a giant round fuzz mop.
Meals on Wheels went by pretty quickly even though we had 11 people, but it's always faster with two people, so we were on the road by 12:30 and got there a little after 1:00. This picture was taken just after we arrived and were walking into the Midway. That Ferris wheel on the left is the Texas Star and was one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the world when it was built in 1985. Since then 12 to 15 taller ones have been built. It is 65 meters tall. Notice how the clouds are really breaking up.?

We ate first. I had some Cajun black-eyed peas. I wanted something just heavy enough to take medicine with, but I was saving myself for crazy fair food. The first thing we did after that was ride the Skyway. There wasn't even a line. This picture was taken from the air car and is of the city of Dallas. The tall thing on the far left is Reunion Tower which has a rotating restaurant and bar in the ball at the top. Once we (my Dad, daughter, HUB2 and myself) got really lucky and were eating there and saw a gorgeous sunset and full moonrise. Heck, that's probably the last time I was there. That was probably 15 to 18 years ago. Notice the sun is hardly "peeking out" now.
This is looking down from the air car. I wonder why they couldn't decide if that thing was either an alligator or a crocodile. Do they think people think they are the same thing? I don't care for either so I did not go inside to investigate.

At this point we had full-on sun and I was sweating like a crazy person. We decided to head over to the Creative Arts building because it is air-conditioned. This was my favorite quilt. It was hanging over part of the photography exhibit. There were a lot of good photos of cats, but none as good as the one My Sweetie took of Barney. And there was one other quilt I liked - a Christmas quilt - but the picture was blurry.

I'm not sure if this was a collectible or something someone made, but I thought it was kinda creepy. I guess someone liked it because it is sporting a blue ribbon.

After the crafts, I grabbed a frozen lemonade and we headed over to the dog show. I was disappointed they didn't have the performing sheep dogs, but the dancing dogs were pretty cute. The picture is very blurry because I zoomed in and I am a very shaky person. It was VERY hot in that building so even with the frozen lemonade I couldn't take it any more. At least outside there was a breeze. I got a sausage on a stick and a beer and sat in the shade.

We went back to the Midway to play games and maybe leave. But after playing darts and pick a duck and winning my little prizes I felt a little more energetic and realized we were near some water I had seen from the Skyway. We found a peaceful little fake pond with paddle boats and it broke my heart because I knew I couldn't do it because of my knee and I love love love paddle boats. There were also turtles all over fake logs. The turtles were real. I don't know why I didn't put pictures here of that. I'm goofy. By the time we got to the end of the pond we decided to go ahead and head for the Women's Museum even though they put it WAY over in one corner - basically the exact opposite end of where our car was. We made a detour through the car show just for the air conditioning. I took a picture of My Sweetie in one of those monster trucks but you know he won't let me show his photos. It was funny because he thought he would look tiny, but he didn't. We got to the Women's Museum and I let My Sweetie take this picture of me from a great distance because my hair was such a disaster. Then a breeze caught it and it looks REALLY funny. I think I look like Thing Two from The Cat in The Hat.
I really enjoyed looking at the costumes even though a few were replicas. Elizabeth Taylor had one TINY waist. I think my favorite was a sexy number worn by Claudette Colbert in Cleopatra (1934). A lot of people were commenting on how very sexy and skimpy it was for "back then." My smartypants self said to total strangers, "Most people don't realize the Hays Code came about some time after movies were being made. There was not always a rating system. Obviously this movie was made before the Hays Code." (When I got home and looked it up the movie came out the same year that the Hays Code was enacted. Oh well. Just call me Cliff Clavin.) My Sweetie made me laugh. There were also lots of original sketches from movie costume designers. One said "Tom Hanks Allen in Splash." He said, "His name is "Tom Hanks Allen?" I laughed and laughed and he was all "What?" I said "Honey, he played "Allen" in the movie. As in Tom Hanks: Allen in Splash."
After the museum, we headed back to the Midway, because it was on the way out and we wanted to ride one of the little spookhouse rides. It was funny because we weren't paying attention at all and it wasn't a haunted house. It was called something like "Lumillusion" and had lots of funky lights and Pink Floyd music. I took this picture when we came out. I was looking up at the Texas Star, the Skyway and the moon. Can you see the moon? And notice there is not a cloud in the sky. Okay, one or two little wisps. At least when the sun started to set, it got a lot cooler.

Oh and after looking forever for the fried guacamole, I found it. I think when we went to throw darts. It looked like this:

It tasted like dirt. Later I had a Fletcher's Corny Dog to get the taste out of my mouth. We stayed until about 7:30 and neither one of us could believe we stayed so long. I had some theories. One was: Because of my knee, we really took our time and rested a lot. Another was: Because we stopped smoking, we had more stamina. Or maybe it was a combination of both things. But 6 hours? That was crazy. And I loved all of it except the sweating.


JR's Thumbprints said...

I hope that Texas heat is gone by the time I arrive in Houston for Thanksgiving. As for Ferris Wheels, I don't mind them; it's those damned roller coasters that scare me.

Scarlet said...

These are fantastic photos! I love the air shots. Oh and the fried guacamole looked great; too bad they tasted like dirt. Ew.

What's up with the blue ribbon couple? Freaky!

I'm looking forward to the little fair they have down the street from Nov. 1 -4! I think I like it more than the kids do. :)

Jazz said...

I love those pics. The Alligator/Crocdile is hilarious. Do they not know the difference? Geez...

geewits said...

~~Houston on Thanksgiving will most likely be cloudy, balmy and 73 degrees. I don't ride Ferris wheels OR rollercoasters. The Skyway seemed rather sedate so I took a chance and it wasn't scary.

~~Yeah. The guac did LOOK good but ick! I was SO disappointed, too. I don't know what that old people thing was supposed to be. I can't imagine having it on your coffee table. I hope your "little fair" is fun.

~~I came SO close to walking up there and saying, "Well, which is it?"

Josie said...

Geewits, is that you down there in the corner of the picture with all the hair??? Heh, heh.

It looks like you had a great time. It seems unfathomable to me that you're in 92 degree heat, and it's rainy, windy, story, damp, chilly, did I mention rainy, here in Vancouver. Brrrr.

Lucky you!

That picture of Barney cracks me up.

Josie said...

I meant stormy ...but you knew that.

geewits said...

~~It was so miserably hot. And it wasn't just me. They put 4 people in the skyway and the other couple were dying too. The woman asked her husband for the fair map so she could fan herself. So then my husband started fanning me with our map and that husband said, "This fella's making me look bad." Hee hee!

Big Brother said...

Way too hot geewits, mind you we've been having unseasonably hot weather here too. 24 degrees Celsius (that's 75 for you guys) that's about 10 degrees C higher than normal... As for the fried guacamole...ughhh do Texans fry everything? ;o)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Loved the photographs and the instant reply Geewits, but I have to tell you that the first paragraph had me laughing and rolling around like a pig in mud. I could hear the twang in your voice and it brought me home. My goodness. Bend me over and call me Lucy!

geewits said...

Big Brother,
~~They fry a lot of stuff, but it's easier to find broiled and grilled stuff here than it is in North Carolina. The State Faire has these "Fried Stuff" contests every year and the top five get to be served. They have fried ice cream, fried oreos and some fried candy bars. I'm not really a sweets person but I thought the guacamole bites would be good.

Inside "Lucy,"
~~Between the early scattered showers, then the heat, sweat and wind, I really had crazy hair. It forced me into an appointment for Saturday at 2:00 to have something drastic done. If everything goes normally, I will love it the first three days, then hate it for three weeks, then love it again. And I haven't even decided what I want done!

Jocelyn said...


Scary old couple!!!!

No more! No more!

(okay, and I'm still stuck on the fact that it was going to be in the '70s, and you wore a thickish dark shirt. We are so very different that way. If the high is to be 50, I would rethink that wardrobe choice.)

geewits said...

~~Well, it had short sleeves and I wore shorts. The main thing is they said there would be no sun and it would be windy. If I had known the sun was going to be out, I would have worn white. That dark shirt felt like I was wearing a heating pad. In 90 degree weather!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like you had a FABULOUS time...Those Costumes..Both of the ones you mentioned were MGM Films....I wonder how they got those dresses...Mabe at the MGM Auction back in 1969...(I actually bought one of Betty G.'s dresses from "WORDS & MUSIC" to give her for her Birthday)...Debbie Reynolds bought a HUGE Amount of stuff, she was going to have a Museum....Anyway, I thouht that was very interesting about the Costumes and The Sketches, too!

Thabk you for the link to those clips of Carol Bruce....I actually had not seen either of them...The one from WKRP made me cry....She was such a "professional" and when she sang...well, it brought back a lot of memories of her performing, 'back in the day'....I was trying to figure out how old she would have been when she sang in WKRP...maybe 61 or 62....and I believe she was about 22 in the Abbott & Costello Clip....She always had a more mature look and sensability..She was never an "ingenue", she was always a "leading lady"....what an amazing career she had...
Bless you for finding those clips...I wonder if more will surface on YouTube now that she is gone....? I am so grateful that I have all those pictures from Sea Cliff....those are 55 and 56 years old! Lord, where has it all gone.

Tai said...

Wow Geewits, you totally rocked that fair!

geewits said...

~~Thank you for doing such a lovely memorial. I loved listening to her sing. What a lovely voice!

~~I LOVE me some State Fair!