Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't Try This At Home (Please!)

Lolo and I were talking about comb overs yesterday (don't ask me, she started it) and she said the funniest thing. She's 31 and she said something like, "I can't wait to meet a guy my age who says, "Twenty years from now I'm going to have a kick-ass comb over.'" (I don't remember the exact quote because I drink a lot of beer and I don't record my phone conversations.) That was funny to me because EVERY guy with a comb over was once a young guy with hair. Did ANY of them plan it? How do they grow that giant flap of hair? Do they grow all their hair long first and then just have their barber cut the rest?

What really freaked me out was when I looked up "comb over" (because I didn't know if it was one word or two) I found out it was patented in the 70's. Patented. In the 70's. That's right. The era that brought us so much style. Anyone surprised by that?


Ian Lidster said...

Oh hell, my dad had a masterful combover way back in the early '60s. I think he actually invented it. Fortunately, I got my tonsorial hair gene pool from the other side and have kept all mine.
BTW, thank you for the compliment on my blog. I appreciated it.

Josie said...

Geewits, too funny. My boss has a comb over, and whenever he's harried, little wisps of his hair bounce in the wind. Don't you just love the word harried? It's so descriptive, isn't it? And, I just know if I turn around right now, my boss is looking over my shoulder... **chuckle**


Dan said...

Comb overs are so stupid! You wonder what's going on inside the head of a guy who does it!

It would look better to simply take a magic marker and color your bald head the color of your hair.

Jammie J said...

What boggles MY mind is the fact that men might actually have this conversation with their barbers "Yeah, don't cut that flap of hair, I'm growing a comb over. Couple years, it'll be the best comb over! Better, even, than Trump's!"

Jammie J said...

Thanks, Lolo and Geewits. I've really not thought of comb overs in such detail before. Now I want to find a blog of someone who's thinking of growing one just to understand how it happens. Man.

geewits said...

You should post a picture of your Dad and his comb over!

I would have a hard time taking a combed over boss very seriously.

That's an, uhm, creative choice. I think the normal choice would be just to shave the head. Or keep the bottom parts very short like Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard).

At least you'll never know personally. Tony seems to have one thick head of hair. And let me know if you find that blog!

HeiressChild said...

since bald is the "in" do today, you'd think they'd just go bald. comb overs - this is so funny.

Jazz said...

My god, that combover and forehead looks like René Lévesque (a now dead Premier of Quebec)!

Every time i see someone with a combover, I can't help but wonder what it's like to wake up with someone who does the combover thing. That long, greasy, hank of hair hanging down in the morning. I think it's a damn good argument for divorce.