Friday, February 23, 2007

All the Stuff I hope I Remembered I Wanted to Post

First, I must pronounce that today was the official Dallas/Fort Worth opening day of the shorts-wearing season for the year 2007 which I celebrated by shearing the winter wool from my legs with the Oster Turbo A5® EquineSingle-Speed Clippers. I kid. Well, about the brand anyway.

As for my "American Idol" predictions, we got both guys and missed both girls, but in all fairness, I had given Amy a 5 and Nicole a 4.

The Shower Scene: General Contractor Guy and a new other guy came this morning and hooked up the shower light, replaced the bad baseboards, painted ALL of the baseboards as well as the door trim, and installed the fixtures. Contractor Guy even did an un-related tape and bed repair (this is the bathroom I've been "preparing to paint" since last June). I don't know if he was just being nice or if he will charge me for that. They were finished and gone by 12:45. I moved all of my stuff back into my bathroom. Everything is perfect except I am still waiting for this:

I'm hoping it will be here tomorrow. I had something similar in there before but it was old and grodey. This one was so inexpensive, I could get a new one every year. Anyway, GCG is coming back tomorrow to do final paperwork and demand money. The only thing left is they are going to clean the carpet but I guess someone else does that and I told him I wanted to wait until next week. I didn't say, "I'd rather schedule that for next week because I AM REALLY FUCKING TIRED OF HAVING TO GET UP SO FREAKING EARLY AND HAVING PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE ALL DAY." I only said the first seven words of that sentence. Out loud, I mean. Also when he said he would be here tomorrow, I said, "That will have to be in the afternoon. I'm not getting up early again." Because, well, I'm just not. I was starting to feel like a Zombie. And not in a good Zombie way either.

Weird Wednesday: I got to the church (where we pick up the food) and a senile old man that had been called to sub for route 3 had taken MY ROUTE and he was already gone. So I had to drive route 3 and even though it was my old route, there were only 3 people on it that I knew, so I had to look up ALL the other people on the Mapsco. One of them was WAY THE BEJESUS away and three were apartments, and two of those were upstairs. Hmmmm, maybe that old man is not so senile? The two guys that live together from my old route were really happy to see me and and would not let me leave. R was leaning in my truck window and yakking away, so I kept saying, "I really need to go." They are really nice guys and not much older than me. It was nice to see them again, but that was the only good part of that route.

The weirdest part of the day was when I stopped in at Italianni's for a few beers. I had already had lunch somewhere else, hit the grocery store and decided to stop in because my favorite bartender is moving to Colorado in March. Well this guy sitting two seats down says, "You're 'Geewits' and you do Meals on Wheels." and I said, "Oh, were you at Friday's last Wednesday?" No. "Have I met you here?" Then he says, "Wrong guy, wrong bar." And I could see he was getting agitated that I didn't remember him, so I said "Just tell me!" Oh. My. God. This is where it got weird (and the bartender heard this whole thing): He said, "Last year at Bennigan's on St. Patrick's Day, it was a Friday and we talked for two hours! I called in sick to work so I could stay but you left to go home to your husband. You told me you came here (Italianni's) and I've been coming here for a year looking for you." How freaking creepy is that? He even remembered that the reason I was there was because I had been to my dentist whose office was nearby. I just made a light joke like, "Well it's an insult to the Irish and St. Patrick's day that you even remember anything from that day!" Then he kept trying to make creepy sex talk and I let him know it wasn't funny and then HE LEFT! Just like that. The bartender kept saying, "He called in sick to work?" It was very strange. Hopefully he can now focus on something else for the next year. If I really talked to him for two hours last year, he must not have been as creepy or I think I WOULD have remembered him, but then I've always had an odd selective memory and never remeber icky things. St. Patrick's Day is on a Saturday this year, and I'll be back at Bennigan's but My Sweetie will be there with me.

Have a great Oscar weekend. My Sweetie and I always make our picks and he always wins, but I still love doing it. I have about 4 categories left to pick so I need to do some research.


Lolo said...

You forgot about Duke winning! I'm gonna watch March 4th with Jason. That'll be a good one!

Ian Lidster said...

We have one of those shower things, also cheap, and it's now lasted five years. We love it.
And I envy you that it's shorts-wearing season down there. That hardly seems fair.

Steven Novak said...

This comment isn't so much about this post as the picture of the Star Trek Experience below!!

Ahhhh...that brings back memories. ;)


geewits said...

yeah, that was a GREAT game!

My shower caddy came in this afternoon. I love it! If it will make you feel better, the weather has already turned and it is drizzly and cool here. And I'm cooking out tonight!

I don't know if you are just Star Trek, but I'm going to do a post soon featuring my Star Wars stuff.

Jammie J said...

Oh my god. that guy was weird. i'm so glad he finally left. and how cool is it that your shower is finally done, i mean most of it, right? yay!


geewits said...

The shower is done! I even have that caddy in there. I've broken it in. And last night my daughter came over for dinner straight from the gym so she got to check it out, too. All that's left is having the carpet cleaned.