Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The 6 Steps of Hell

The verdict is in. We need the whole shower pan replaced which entails sheet rock and tile work. Tomorrow will be the first day of the 6 step process of home repair (that I can't do myself) HELL:

Step 1: Spend what seems like the whole day on the phone explaining your problem over and over to see if someone will come out to give you an estimate.

Step 2: Waste several days waiting for strangers to come into your house and look over your stuff and write down HORRIBLE GIANT AMOUNTS of money on their estimate sheets.

Step 3: Brood and cry into your beer while you compare the estimate amounts to things like: cost of two airline tickets to Hawaii, A three-day getaway to someplace, or an entire new wardrobe. And I was just guessing there because the estimate may well equal all of those things combined.

Step 4: Make a final decision and then plan your life around having strangers working in your house.

Step 5: Live each day with all the strangers coming and going and telling you at various times that they didn't know "THIS was gonna be like THAT," and the only way it can be fixed is by spending more money and/or ordering something that will take about two weeks to get.

Step 6: Hand over a GIANT HORRIBLE amount of money to someone you've come to loathe and despise (and love in a sick Stockholm Syndrome manner).

Yay, is this gonna be fun or what?

UPDATE * * * UPDATE * * * UPDATE......

The insurance company told me not to do anything until the claims adjustor looks at it. He won't be here until Friday morning at 10:00. So I'm just going to enjoy having a high sixties degree day for Meals on Wheels tomorrow, enjoy the new season of "Survivor" on Thursday and then start the "process of hell" on Friday.


Lolo said...

Damn girl, I hope it is way less than you expect. Good luck.

Jammie J. said...

I'm so sorry. On the bright side, at least you know what to expect...

Josie said...

Geewits, once again, you have my sympathy. I am currently going through steps 1 to 6 with Borat, aka the washing machine repairman. He's coming by again today at 5:00. The neighbors are starting to talk.

Good luck with it :-)


Ian Lidster said...

"One day you'll look back at this and laugh," isn't that what some people say? Looking back with a grimace is usually what I experience.
May it all resolve soon, my friend.


geewits said...

Yes, I expect HELL!

LOL! I loved that you called him Borat!

Thanks. That brought my Dad back. That's what he said when I burst into tears in 8th grade and told him I made a D in math. And he was right!

Tai said...

Don't cry in your beer!! You don't want to waste it!

geewits said...

It's okay. I'll still drink it!

Michael said...

Well, that clinches it. I'm renting for the rest of my life. Borat the repairman is everywhere. Sexy time! High five!