Saturday, February 10, 2007

On the Bright Side!

The insurance claims adjuster was AWESOME! All we have to pay is our $500 deductible and the insurance company pays the rest - TO REPLACE THE ENTIRE SHOWER! If I want any extras, and I do, we have to also cover that. I want to get a built-in shelf or niche or whatever and also a shower light. They are also set-up with top notch contractors and I have an appointment with an estimator for Monday at 3:00. It's kinda funny that I was so mad at myself for taking so long in there with getting the wallpaper stripped and painting and now I'm SO GLAD I haven't painted in there yet. That would have been a bitch. Now I get a modern updated new shower at a fraction of the cost of just doing it for fun. Also, I finally got wise and took off my great shower head and put it in the other bathroom. I figure I'll be using the other shower for a while, I may as well not have to suffer any more. I'll still have to live with Step 5 of hell, though. I hate having workmen coming and going all day. It really throws your whole day off. I hated having those guys that built my deck over here every day and THEY WERE OUTSIDE! The guys that replaced my other bathroom floor last December were here less than 7 hours and it seemed LIKE AN ETERNITY! I will just drink A LOT of beer and watch TV. The end result will be worth it.

I saw the weirdest thing on Wednesday. I was on the highway on my way to pick up the Meals on Wheels food. I was behind a pickup truck with some stuff in the back. It looked like a microwave oven was just sitting on top of something without being tied down. I thought, "Why is that microwave just sitting there? Won't it slide off?" As I got closer I saw it was sitting on top of an oven. I kept looking to try to figure out why it didn't just slide off. I finally got close enought to see, as I passed it, that the microwave oven WAS ATTACHED to the oven. So basically it was a microwave oven on top of an oven with no stove top. How weird is that? What would you use that for? It was very strange.

I'm looking forward to Saturday Night Live. The guest host is Forest Whitaker. I'm expecting an awesome show. Have a great weekend!


Le Nightowl said...

2 years ago, I had a hole in my ceiling for 2 months (due to a water pipes problem in the flat above mine) and I had to bear with the repairmen for what seemed to take ages to make the repairs. A plumber and a plasterer for fixing the hole (where the rain didn't get in) and a painter to paint the whole ceiling over.
I hated every minute of this, so I really empathise with you over this.
At least you'll get a brand new shower, which is something you'll be able to enjoy. Who would would relish a fixed hole and a painted ceiling? :)

Le Nightowl said...

PS: Forest Whitaker is a great actor!

Ian Lidster said...

So glad about your plumbing woes coming to rest, and Forest Whitaker is one of my acting heroes. So, all is good.

cheers, Ian

Josie said...

Geewits, I'm so glad everything is working out for you. Isn't it awful when things are disrupted in your home like that? (My washing machine is finally repaired... yay).

Thanks for the heads up about Forrest Whitaker. I LOVE him, so I'm going to be sure and watch SNL.


Dan said...

I finally got close enought to see, as I passed it, that the microwave oven WAS ATTACHED to the oven

How many beers did you say you had before heading out? :) Just teasing.

Tai said...

Hooray, a shiny new shower!

So glad it all worked out. Time for a beer!
(I've got a Newcastle Brown Ale in my hand, and I'm toasting you right now!)

geewits said...

Le Nightowl,
You sound just like me. I was commenting on a post about a large home purchase recently, and I said, "At least you'll have something nice to look at." Wait a minute, are you teasing me?

No kidding! It's awful.

Please post about that!

Maybe you didn't read it right. A microwave oven attached to the top of an oven. As far as the beers. I plead the fifth. Okay Fourth.

It's always time for a beer! The shiny new shower is yet to come.

Brighton said...

I'm so glad that somebody is having a positive insurance experience, it gives me hope that when the next hurricane blows through we will be ok! Enjoy the new shower : )

Jammie J. said...

$500? Not too shabby! I'm still waiting for my shutter makers to call me. I think they call when the shutters are done to schedule an install?

So when do you get your new shower?

Someday, I think I'm gonna have to replace my shower/tub thing. It keeps getting holes in the porcelain and I keep putting the porcelain fixer on it.

I can't imagine what that stove/microwave thing was that you saw. Weird.