Monday, February 26, 2007

Stow and Sleady Wins The Race

We were on our way home from Lowe's today when we passed the house on the corner at the bottom of our street. I said, "I wonder if those people ever finished that project (something to do with their pool and fence)? Have you ever seen anyone take so long to finish something?" My Sweetie burst out laughing. I was confused at first. I said, "Are you laughing at me?" He laughed harder. I said, "Oh! You're laughing at me because of the bathroom." And yes, the same project I started in June. Well, what happened was, that bathroom was just too hot to work in during the summer. I DID get a lot done during the fall, but then it was Christmas, and then I injured my knee. Now that the workmen have been in there and my shiny new shower is installed I am ready to finish.
Wallpaper wise, all I have left are the bits around the windows (three long narrow windows over the tub), around the closet doors (which we just removed today and I have more to say about later), and around the outlets and light switches. I bought all the stuff today to prep and repair the walls. I also brought home new paint samples because I have changed my mind about the color. After all of this work, it has to be JUST RIGHT. I was going to do a seafoam green, and do beach and ocean type decor. Now I've decided to go with a deeper green and decorate with a forest decor. I'd like to use some of my photos from Muir woods. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I'm going to do a sponge technique. The bad part is all sponges are different and I'd like to buy about 4 of them to find a pattern I really like and they cost about $12 each. I guess it will be worth it. I did the sponge thing on my other bathroom and I really love it.

About those mirror doors: We have the jack and jill set-up in our bathroom with a sink/vanity and walk-in closet on each end of the bathroom. The closets have mirror doors sort of like the ones pictured above except they are just single doors. I have also mentioned before that those two sections of the bathroom are carpeted with tile between the two sections. I know, it's pretty retarded. Anyway, the closet doors stick on the carpet. They were set too low and I've always been terrified the mirrors would just snap, because, well, glass doesn't bend. So it's always been kind of a bitch getting into our closets. We're going to move them up when we put them back on. That's going to be so nice not having that drag on the carpet and not having to worry about the glass breaking. I made a place for them out in the garage and we were out there having a smoke when I said, "Why did we put up with that for almost six years? We could have moved them up before?" I think My Sweetie just said something like, "I don't know." I said, "I know. We're just low and slazy." Then I laughed really hard for a good 4 minutes. I hadn't had a good spoonerism like that in a while (although I did come into the house the other day, yank my socks off and say, "Yuck, my wet are all feet!")


Lolo said...

Hee hee hee.... "What happened was...."

Tai said...

I'm feeling kinda low and slazy myself!

Well, at least it's well on it's way to being done...that's half the battle, right?

geewits said...

That always happens to me!

Yeah getting that shower finished has me all in the mood to finish that bathroom. And the guy cleaned the carpet in there and the bedroom today and it looks GREAT! I'm mostly glad to have the workmen out of my house forever. Yay!

Lolo said...

~Man, that soup was great!? Are you done with yours? Can I have it?~

Josie said...

"Low and slazy...!" I love it. Can I borrow it?

I'll bet you'll be glad when everything's done, and you can relax and enjoy it.


geewits said...

My first guess was the lobster bisque at the Stratosphere the first time we ate there. But then I found it hard to believe I didn't finish lobster bisque. Was I right though?

Sure, we're all low and slazy at some point. I worked on the last wallpaper bits for two whole hours today and feel like I have nothing to show for it. I'm starting to really hate these last bits! (grumble, grumble)