Monday, February 19, 2007

Ramble On (or How To Make A Short Story Long)

That's a picture of me and the people working on my shower. Okay, not really. That's a picture of three Klingons. Okay, it's really a picture of two Klingons and a drunk person in Vegas. The drunk person is on the left.
I was excited about FINALLY not having to get up early on Sunday, but I kept waking up from dreams about stuff I wanted to tell the contractor and the tile guy. I am going to make a list when I finish this. I hope I remember everything. The tile guy came on Saturday and installed the new shower pan and made the walls and the niche with cement board. He also sealed them with that bright pink membrane stuff that smells like brain damage in a can. I am not spatially oriented and he's not the brightest tool in the shed. We both spent quite some time going over my design for the tiles. I wish I had a video of it. Picture two squirrels trying to build a doghouse. Or something like that. I think (HOPE) we finally got it figured out because in the morning he will be laying the tiles. I'm tired of thinking about it, tired of getting up early and tired of having people in my house.
We finally went to the grocery store for the BIG shopping. We were out of almost everything. I was making up crazy meals lately. (I don't mind running by the grocery store on Wednesdays after Meals on Wheels, but only to pick up a few items.) We were smart and went out to eat first and I decided to try to make the best of it. It was taking so long, at one point I actually went out to the car for a beer and cigarette break. That's the way to grocery shop!
Oh yeah, the reason I brought up the grocery store: A couple of years ago we stopped smoking in the house. Generally we smoke in the backyard - we have a deck and patio. We do not have any outdoor covered areas though, so if it is raining or cold and windy we smoke in the garage and we usually open the door (it's a regular door to the side of the house, not the garage door) however, late at night and when it's REALLY cold, we smoke in the guest room. We do have a (very loud) air filter in there, but it can start to smell because the room is pretty small.
Okay the reason I brought all that up is, I was looking at air fresheners and I noticed several of them had the scent "linen." Now maybe I'm just silly, but isn't linen cloth? Does cloth have a smell? I once owned something made of linen and it had to be dry cleaned. It always smelled like dry cleaning fluid. Even if you washed it at home, it would just smell like whatever your laundry detergent smelled like. It's not cabbage. "Cabbage has a cabbage smell," as Katie (Marjorie Main) said in Meet Me in St. Louis, but I don't believe that linen has a linen smell. My guess is the smell guys came up with a nice scent that didn't really smell like anything in particular and couldn't figure out what to call it.
I looked up "linen" and it's a cloth made from flax. I take flaxseed oil every day. I wonder if I smell like linen? Naah. I probably smell like smoke.


Jammie J. said...

Yeah, I wondered about that linen thing, too. But I figured it was just because no one would buy anything that said "Smells Like Diffused Laundry Detergent."

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Am enjoying your current series and your sense of humor. Am envious over your photo with the Klingon couple.

Lolo said...

You are so silly. Is that picture from when me, you , and Mike went?

geewits said...

Yeah, you're right. Hey isn't that a song by Nirvana?

You don't have a photo with Klingons? I also have a photo with a Borg. I was lucky I was not assimilated!

No, this one was taken the next time when I went with My Sweetie. I can tell by the shirt.

djn said...

Hey geewits! I tagged you over on my blog.

I always think things smell like cat pee... I think somethings wrong with my sniffer.

geewits said...

I hope you have cats. I mean, I guess I do. Hmmmm.

Josie said...

I have "linen" dryer sheets, but they don't smell like linen.

That's a very nice picture of you. I did a double-take when I looked at it because you look exactly like my friend Bonnie who lives on Vancouver Island.


geewits said...

I hope Bonnie looks better than that because I think it's an awful picture of me, but thanks for the compliment. So what does linen smell like?

Ian Lidster said...

Ah -- Marjorie Main. When I was a kid I loved the Ma and Pa Kettle films. And Meet Me In St. Louis is a personal favorite, not just for Miss Main, but also for Margaret O'Brien on Halloween and Judy Garland any time.


Lizard Princess said...

Interesting- I always thought linen was made from cotton.

geewits said...

I have seen that movie so many times I could Karaoke it. I'm always using lines from it like, "You just do that little thing."

I think I did too.

Michael said...

Awesome -- did you take that picture at Quark's Cafe near the Star Trek Experience in the Convention Center Hilton in Vegas?

I know it very well.

Dan said...

The drunk person is on the left.

Not in the middle?

Sorry! I just couldn't resist! You set yourself up for that one! :)

geewits said...

A trip to Vegas is never complete with beaming over to Quark's bar!

Hey! You almost got the joke!