Monday, August 29, 2011

Picking a Groundhog Day

I read an article on Sunday where a guy said if he had could pick a recurring day it would be Christmas 1997. That made me think about the movie Groundhog Day and having a day to relive over and over. I think the article guy meant relive exactly tha day, but in Groundhog Day, Murray is aware that he is reliving it and chooses to do different things each time. That would be better.
So then I was wondering which day I would choose. My first thought was October 9, 2010. I was running through all the fun different things I could do on that day before my daughter's wedding with Mom, my brother and my best friend here in town. Then I felt guilty and thought I should pick a day when Dad was still alive. I immediately thought of times when my whole original nuclear family was together doing fun things like beach trips. Then I felt guilty that that would not include my husband or daughter.
After I thought about that for a bit, I realized that in the three years that My Sweetie and I were together before Dad died, there weren't any particularly spectacular days that I would relive and also they would have not included so many other special people. And I think if you have to keep reliving the same day, you would want a large cast of characters. So I think Dad would understand if I picked a day from the beach cottage in May of this year. I think I even know which day. But it really is a tough to pick one particular day to relive in a loop. What would yours be? It's certainly something interesting to think about.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting idea and a great post. After reading your thought process, I can fully understand why you chose that day.

I gave it some thought and unlike you, who chose a day to celebrate your wonderful relationships, my choice would be more in line with Bill Murray's groundhog day; i.e. to relive a day to correct or change it for the better. There is a day many years ago that I have always regretted in which I had inadvertently failed a friend who was in need of help. It would be nice to have a second chance and get it right.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think I'd get bored to death of reliving the same day over and over again.

geewits said...

~~That's a very thoughtful use!

~~Nah. You could make it fun and different every day. Heck you could even shave your head knowing you'd wake up and it would be back.