Monday, August 01, 2011

Birthday Twins

(photo from Please don't sue me.)

I caught the Oprah rerun last week with Barbra Streisand. As a surprise, Robert Redford shows up. Robert Redford walks out trying to rock his 70's The Way We Were hair by wearing what really looks like a wig. I was so embarassed for him.


The thing is, Robert Redford and Dad were born on the exact same day. Seeing a man Dad's age or I should say, what would have been Dad's age, wearing a wig that was a facsimile of his hair when he was sexy in the 70's, really made me think. Firstly it made me think how cool Dad was to embrace being an old dude. Many people have said Dad looked somewhat like Papa (Ernest) Hemingway. I thought Dad looked pretty cool. Secondly it made me think, what if Dad were still alive and tried to rock his 70's hair? And then I had a good laugh. See, Dad's 70's hair was that really goofy whitemanfro like the dad from "The Brady Bunch." Then as I thought how horrible that would be, I realized that Robert Redford's wig really wasn't much better.


Anonymous said...

I respect people like your dad who knew how to age gracefully and "coolly." I hope I will age gracefully and not dig my nails into the ground, dragged screaming and shouting into old age. Just curious, was Barbra wearing a wig too?

Anonymous said...

No Robert, you don't look sexy, you just look old and refusing to be. At least you should've gotten a grey wig. We all know you admit to being 75.

VioletSky said...

Old people with a full head of thick hair just look silly, no matter how it is styled.

Anonymous said...

My 70s hair was down to my shoulders. I'd look retro and stupid and filled with denial -- just like Robert. That's really kind of pathetic on his part.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't think that is a "wig"....That is his hair. He may doctor the color---though I'm not sure about that, at all---But, I believe that is Redfords hair. "Stars" can't win for losing....

geewits said...

~~No. Barbra was perfect. She's a perfectionist, you know.

~~Yeah, he doesn't get it.

~~Not Albert Einstein. He was rockin' it! :)

~~I've seen old guys with long grey ponytails. It's not attractive.

~~I'm pretty sure it's a wig. Look at the "part." It doesn't look natural at all. Natural. Hee hee. Get it?