Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boudreaux Arlington Souxe (Sucks!)

I had never eaten at a Boudreaux Cajun Kitchen before. We were playing and having fun at Dave & Buster's in Arlington but decided not to eat there because of the crowd. We walked out and saw Boudreaux. Mmmm, we thought. Cajun food? Sounds good. We have missed our cajun food since Bedford's Razzoo's closed. I wanted to sample several things, so I ordered a bowl of shrimp gumbo, a side of dirty rice and some red beans, no rice.
The first odd thing I noticed was the shrimp in the gumbo. The parts of the shrimp at the top of the gumbo were untouched by the broth, like the shrimp were dropped in at the last minute, not cooked with the gumbo. And the gumbo? Oh my. This so called cajun restaurant skimped so badly on the roux for the gumbo. The "roux" tasted like McCormick's brown gravy mix and tomato sauce. McCormick's brown gravy mix and tomato sauce are okay on their own I guess, but mixing them together and trying to pass them off as a cajun roux was a horrible joke. Oh and my shrimp was not completely peeled and I got shell in my mouth. Yuck!
If you have a hankering for cajun food, do not go to Boudreaux Cajun Kitchen. At least not the one in south Arlington. Take the extra drive and go to Razzoo's downtown Fort Worth or try to find some place in Dallas run by some of the relocated New Orleans folks. But do not try this chain. You will be sorely disappointed.

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haphazardlife said...

Well, chances of my ever ending up there are slim at best, but thanks for the heads up. ;-)