Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm A Dummy

I made a point of charging the battery for my camera on Saturday for our play date at Dave & Buster's and then we didn't take a single picture. How goofy is that? We did pretty well with coupons and got some fun goofy toys. It really was crowded, though, so we are going to go back on a week night.
And here's an odd synchronicity thing: I saw a fondue place when we were out Saturday night and said, "I've always wanted to try one of those fondue places." Well, my daughter's birthday is Tuesday and and I told her to pick a place for us to take her out to dinner and she texted me today and wants to go to a fondue place downtown. I thought that was bizarre. But in a good way.
My latest word goof was today. I was talking about hard candy and I said, "I really miss those tangerine androids." I meant "altoids." Tangerine androids. I'm a dummy.


Anonymous said...

Almost sounds like something a sun stroked squirrel might say.

Gnightgirl said...

Androids are curiously strong.

Carole said...

Jennifer loves the fondue places too! Once we started making our own, she loves it when we have a family fondue night!
Hope you all have a great time, and give Katie a big birthday hug for me!

geewits said...

~~Or a sunstroked squirrel's wife?

~~Ha ha ha! I laughed and laughed. You should get paid for stuff like that!

~~Your home made fondue is better! We could have paid you guys and had a way better time!