Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Phondue Phreak Out (and other phalderals)

We took my daughter out to the fondue place for her 27th birthday and I was a pissy pissant and kept trying to stop being such a bitch and would try to have some quiet times, and it was tough on my poor Sweetie. (He's a saint, he really is.)

(I love the above picture because the table was HUGE and I had my "PHUN WITH PHOTOSHOP"

and made the table skinny to get us all in the picture.) I kept trying to be cool all night, but was having a hard time and after spending a long time thinking about it, I think I figured out that the reason I was such a pissy pissant was because Mom is having another procedure to get another tumor (that's "tumour" for my Canadian friends) out of her bladder on Thursday and hurricane Irene is scheduled to hit her house on Saturday. Maybe that's no excuse to be a pissy pissant on my daughter's birthday, but... Wait! they say when you end a sentence with "but" you've negated everything you just said. And by "they" I mean Dr. Phil.

Anyway, I called my daughter to apologize and we are taking them to a baseball game Thursday night and we have killer seats and a parking pass, so I hope I can make up for everything and I hope Mom's procedure goes well and I hope hurricane Irene doesn't demolish her house.


I love The Cat in the Hat's line: It is fun to have fun but you have to know how. And I know how to have fun, but I have a hard time doing it when I'm thinking about Mom's troubles. I want her cancer to go away and I want her house to not be blown away. Is that asking too much?


Anonymous said...

No Sweetie, it's not too much to want. Her house will be fine, as will the procedure.

Mr. Jazz said...

I second that; I also love that line from The Cat in the Hat: he tells the truth.

Carole said...

I hope your mama's procedure goes well and that she is okay too. Speaking of Cat in the Hat...I think I've seen him hanging out at your house around October before, so be on the lookout! Also, that is a new Dr. Phil-ism for me.

emerrube said...

I fourth's not too much to want. :) I hope all goes well too

Anonymous said...

Wishing your mom well on both counts.

VioletSky said...

definitely not too much to ask. I'm sure your daughter will be pleased with the make up game.
sending positive thoughts and energy for your mom and her house.

geewits said...

Jazzes (Mr. and Ms.)
~~ Thanks guys. Not a good few days there.

~~I'm not surprised. And thanks.

Em and LGS,
~~Thanks bunches!

~~Well the game is a whole new story. And thanks!