Wednesday, February 02, 2011

No More Sugar

Dad used to use an expression: ...sugar to shit, as in "And then everything went from sugar to shit." It's a rather crude expression but very concise compared to, say, "You made your bed and now you have to lie in it" which I'm sure has to be explained to children and people learning English as a second language.
Anyway, that's what our weather did. Not make a bed and tell fibs. ha ha! No, I know "lie" doesn't mean that in that expression! No, our weather went from sugar to shit.
Friday I was walking from the place I dropped my car to get an oil change, to a bar, and I was wishing I had worn a lighter shirt. I had on a cotton shirt with elbow length sleeves and I was getting hot. That was nice. Now we are approaching single digit temperatures for the first time in 15 years. As Mom put it on my facebook page: Baby, it's cold outside! And it is. It really is. And just to be nice to my wonderful Canadian readers: It is supposed to be -12.8° Celsius in a few hours. That's 9° Farenheit. It's about 12° Farenheit right now (-11 C).
I usually keep the heat set at 68°, but even my usual hot self had to turn it up to 69°. It was just too frikkin' cold in here. And I haven't even mentioned the ice. Late Monday night it started raining, then several hours later we were pelted with sleet accompanied by thunder and lightning. After a few hours of that it started snowing. All the while, the temperature was dropping and dropping and dropping. This led to extremely icy roads.
Most everything was closed for the day including My Sweetie's work, and all the local TV stations did weather all day. They even pre-empted "Oprah" so we could see jackknifed trucks and watch cars slide around on the roads. And the poor Super Bowl! Oh no. The Village People didn't make it into town for something. What a loss.
I miss last Friday's weather. The average high temp for now is usually 60° and it's not going to get above freezing until Saturday. I want my sugar back.


haphazardlife said...

Poor dear. -11 is pretty much our normal high at this time of year. Send it up here, we can take it.

- Jazz

VioletSky said...

that is colder than it is here!
Your Superbowl will be like our Grey Cup, which always seems to be played in a snow storm &/or freezing temps (but in an outdoor field!!)

Mr. Jazz said...

I feel for you while watching tons of snow falling on Montreal. For us it's (almost) business as usual but I can't begin to imagine how it must feel to go from last Friday's hot weather to this almost overnight. Stay warm but don't hesitate to have a "cold one" because that always helps, no matter what the temperature :-)

Big Brother said...

As my lil sister said −11 is pretty much standard here, but for you guys its really crazy. In fact we’ve been having a nice small winter. Usually we have had over 65 cm (26 inches) of snow at this time of year and we’ve only gotten 28 cm (11 in) up to now, though today we’ve had our first major storm with 15 to 20 cm of snow. But just south of us in the states they are getting tons of snow that they usually don’t get. Weird winter.

geewits said...

~~Really? -11°? No wonder you are so grumpy in the winter.


Mr. Jazz,

~~It's La NiƱa!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Those temps are incredible!! I don't think I could take this kind of cold anymore.....I find the cold here very difficult and in compaeison to where you are and the East...This is warm!! But, for here....well, it's a little bit too cold for these old bones!

Carole said...

From sunburn to frostbite in one weekend! haha