Friday, February 18, 2011

A Different Virus on the Computer

My husband is sick as a dog, so I only got on the computer once today for a few minutes. The whole time I was thinking, "Don't touch your face! Don't touch your face!" Then I just gave up and used a bunch of hand sanitizer. I waited until he went to bed and sprayed the hell out of the whole house with Lysol. Especially the keyboard, mouse and chair. I really really love my husband but when he is sick I just seem him as big bag of virus and bacteria. I must have washed or sanitized my hands about 800 times today. He'll be home sick again today (Friday) but I will be out doing Meals on Wheels and I'm pretty sure I have many errands to run. I'm sure there are some errands to run.


emerrube said...

hope he feels better soon! and that you don't get sick! I hate getting sick.

haphazardlife said...

Poor Your Sweetie.

Actually that virus is pretty cool looking!

geewits said...

~~I rarely get colds and things like that. I just get weird stuff. But, yeah, it sucks.

~~It's a "simple virus" whatever the hell that means. He gave me $100 this morning in 20's and I laid them all out and sprayed them with Lysol. Money laundering?

Carole said...

Money laundering! hahaha
Sorry to hear your hubby is sick. I just saw a report on how the flu is hitting TX hard this month. Flu flu stay away, don't come again any other day.

Carole said...

Beautiful picture by the way!

mrwriteon said...

May he feel better soon and may you not get it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope your hubby feels better very very soon....I understand being so careful--It's why I don't go anywhere---with my lungs so compromised, I cannot take a chance---If something strange is out there---I will get it!
BTW: My doctor told me not to depend on Hand Sanitizer too much---Washing Ones Hands is STILL The BEST protection...That stuff like Purell can build up a film and be more damgerous. I wash my hands so much...The other way to protect yourself is Rubber Gloves.