Monday, February 21, 2011

Paybacks Are Hell (And Swift)

I so should not have made any sort of joke about my husband being sick. When I went to bed Friday night suddenly my right elbow was in agony. I finally (and mercifully) drifted off but slept only about 4 hours before waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. After tossing, turning, sighing and moaning I gave up and got up thinking TV would distract my brain from the acute pain that was my elbow. Around 9:00 am I could not take it any longer and dug out some old Vicodin. I hate pain meds and usually only take them the first day after surgery or breaking a bone. It has to be that bad.
And I'm going to see my doctor and I dont even do that for a gall bladder attack. We searched my blog for when I posted that sometimes it feels like my elbows are coming apart and that was December 4th. I think my right one finally came apart. So my arm is in a sling right now and I typed all this with my left hand. (Shifting is a bitch.) My Sweetie moved the mouse to the left side before he went to bed because I haven't been able to do any computer stuff since Friday night. It's been slow and tiresome doing everything with only my left hand and taking a shower is crazy town, but at least I did get some sleep Saturday night.
Anyway, my right arm is unusable right now and I will never ever ever again make a joke about my husband being sick. This payback is hell.


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! Hope whatever's wrong isn't too serious.

The punishment seems to outweigh the crime here.

- Jazz

Anonymous said...

Wow! You should get a medal for being such a dedicated blogger. Hope things work out well with your doctor's visit.

Mr. Jazz said...

Hang in there darling :-)

Anonymous said...

Even if it is divine retribution, may you get better soon.