Friday, February 11, 2011

Latest MOW News

I was going to post a satellite picture to go with this post, but apparently the place is so new, none exist. My Meals on Wheels pick up site has changed. It actually changed almost two weeks ago, but because of our weather, last Friday's delivery was canceled. So I haven't picked up at the new site yet. I did drive over there a couple of Sundays ago, to get the lay of the land.
I didn't like it. It's farther away from my house and farther away from my route and the distance from the door to parking is much farther. But I decided not to be a Grinch about it.
It's funny that I haven't done many posts about Meals on Wheels in a while. I guess my last one was about the cute puppy. And that puppy is gone. That sucks. But anyway, if I had posted about MOW, it would have gone like this: My new MOW route is awesome and easy and I'm usually finished in 45 minutes!! Yeah, not much of a post.
So in just under 11 hours I'll be going to the new site. When we drove over there that Sunday I said, "This sucks and will especially suck if I have to make two trips." Well I got an e-mail saying that because of all the bad weather we've had, we will be delivering emergency meals. That is usually two trips. And it will be cold. But I found a bag that may hold the emergency meals and if I load up just right I can make it in one trip. I'll let you know.


haphazardlife said...

Geewits, mistress of organization.

- Jazz

geewits said...

~~That's so weird you said that. When I showed up with my green bag, the helper lady told her husband, "I knew she would be organized." And then when I told my husband all this, he laughed and laughed.

VioletSky said...

you mean they don't provide you with thermal bags (like the pizza deliveries)?

our pick up for the local papers I deliver was changed a few months ago and it is now twice as far and in the opposite direction as it was before. It is a much better site, but still, it now takes me 12 minutes to get there instead of the normal 5 minutes. the other site for the other papers is still only 4 minutes away, so it really sucks when the truck times aren't co-ordinated.... god thing there is no traffic at 2am, or it would take much longer.