Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Like My Arm Is A Guitar

Those are my x-rays - which are digital now. And they show much more than old x-rays. For instance you can see veins and muscle and the fat on the back of my arm, oh my! The good news it is is not arthritis. It's some sort of tendinitis. Sort of like tennis elbow. I really should cut back on all the tennis. The doctor wanted to give me one of those steroid dose packs but I said, "Yeah, no. The last two times I took that stuff I had gall bladder attacks." He seemed surprised by that. I wanted to tell him to google it. He wasn't my regular doctor. No surprise. My regular doctor is never ever available. I think I've seen every doctor in that building. If I wanted to see my actual doctor I guess I'd have to plan ahead. because that's how sickness works, right?
Actually I like this other doctor just fine. I believe he was my doctor the first time I broke my foot and for one other thing that I can't remember. He brought out this strap thing for me to wear on my arm just below the elbow:

It has a bean bag type filler on one side (their website calls them "ergoBeads™") and a strap on the back. The bean bag presses down on the muscles, reducing the muscle action from reaching the elbow tendons. I imagine the inventor of this device was/is also a musician, because it reminds me of a capo. In case you don't know what a capo is, it's the clamp thing you put on a guitar to change the key or pitch. So I'm guessing the placement of my Imak cuff has retuned my arm to the key of A. Or something like that. I hope it works.


Anonymous said...

Hope it works too. Now how did you get tendinitis?

- Jazz

emerrube said...

hoping it works for you as well. :)

Carole said...

Glad it is "just" tendinitis. I know that can hurt like crazy! You just keep babying that arm and it will be better before you know it. Then we can get out and play some tennis! :D

geewits said...

~~I'm starting to think it's the sudoku puzzles, but I'm not sure. Some have blamed the 12 oz. curls.


~~Tennis, huh? Maybe on the wii. In like June.

Elaine said...

Bizarre! I haven't checked your blog in months & today I looked only to see that you suffer with tendonitis too! I was diagnosed with it 2 weeks ago (3 weeks ago?) The doctor prescribed 600mg Ibuprofren, icing it & physical therapy. The Ibuprofren helped not at all. The icing it made it EXCRUCIATING the next day. I would rather not do PT...just because. What has helped is HEAT, which the doctor said not to use. In the past 3 days, I've put a hot pack on my arm daily & now it is almost painfree!

Mine is not tennis elbow. It is Chuck-It elbow! From using the ball-thrower to entertain my dogs for hours on end. HA!