Friday, December 18, 2009

What Time Is It, Stupid?

Because I call my friend Lo and Mom quite often and they live in North Carolina, which is an hour later than here, I am always checking the clock to see what time it is there. Except I can't just look at a clock and add the hour instantly. Here's how it goes in my brain: What time is it there? Oh it's 2:30, so it's 3:30 there. Today I was thinking Maybe I should just buy a North Carolina clock and keep it on North Carolina time so I don't have to "do the math" every time. Naturally at that point I had to check the internet to see if such a thing as a North Carolina clock existed.
I typed in "North Carolina state clock" and I got a bunch of clocks for North Carolina State University as well as University of North Carolina. Which really grossed me out. See, I am a Duke fan and those two schools are arch rivals of my team. So I changed my search to just "North Carolina clock." I still got a few of those school ones, but right there on the images page were two different North Carolina clocks. They weren't very expensive, so I was seriously considering ordering one just for funsies. Then I realized that the clocks do not have numbers. Or dots, or dashes, or anything on them except North Carolina pictures and hands.
So that was the end of that because I know for sure it's a lot easier to add that 1 than to try to tell time on a clock with no numbers.


VioletSky said...

I cannot use a clock without numbers. I will always be staring at it trying to figure out if it is 4:30 or 5:30...

You could easily make your own clock, I'm sure. Get your own picture and put that on a clock face, then add the little clock bits and hands. It would be fun. And would give you yet another crafty post.

Anonymous said...

I was so sure you were going to buy that clock and add your own numbers, because that's what you'd usually do. I guess Violetsky and I have the same idea!

Jazz said...

I dunno about the clock because I'm sitting here marveling at your mind.

You have a highly entertaining mind you do.

geewits said...

~~4:30 or 5:30? That's close at least. I thought for quite a while that these two clocks were set at 2:00!

~~I thought of that, but I wouldn't know where to put them.

~~Then you won't be so surprised to see what I am working on now. Oh, and Thanks!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

It would seem that North Carolina has no use for numbers. The clocks look pretty but not very practical. I wonder if they make bathroom scales without numbers too.

Jocelyn said...

I was already chuckling when I came here--from the comment you left on my blog. Now I'm really laughing. I'm sooo with you about clocks with no numbers. Eeeek.

Mr. Jazz said...

Did you know you can check the time on the Internet too? Great feature and it'll save you some $$$ ;-)

geewits said...

~~I like that idea!

~~Your posts always bring out my funny bone.

Mr. Jazz,
~~Well that would be really convenient if I had a giant internet screen on every wall of my house.

Anonymous said...
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