Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decade Happenings TVwise

On Tuesday, the national news that I watch ended their broadcast with a quick recap of the big events of the decade. As soon as it was over I said to My Sweetie, "They forgot to mention something." I then told him how the EMMY awards finally began to recognize actors and shows that were not on the three major networks (okay I know that Fox is considered a 4th major network but it's my blog.)
They also didn't mention the fact that Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won best actor and best actress at the Oscars the same year (2002). And yeah my little decade factoids are slanted toward TV and movie entertainment, but c'mon! They ended their segment with three famous youtube hits.

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XUP said...

I'm always surprised when they do these year-end wrap ups. Some of the stuff they mention seems like it happened years and years ago. Some of the stuff I don't even remember happening until they mention it again. It's always amazing how much stuff happens in a year when from where I'm sitting the years seem to go by so quickly. (she says sounding ancient)