Friday, May 01, 2009

On The Facebook Thing

I was never really crazy about Myspace, but joined to see what my daughter was doing and because one old friend posts all her pictures there, so I was not in a big hurry to check out Facebook.
I thought it was somewhat interesting at first and did reconnect with a few old friends and even my former step-mom, but then found myself sort of hanging out on this one guy's page. He's a nice friendly guy from high school and married a nice friendly girl from high school and a bunch of people from high school seemed to converge there. Then I realized I was feeling the same old anxiety from the the same old people and I had to ask myself: What the hell are you doing?
So I decided several days ago to not even look at it anymore. Then two days in a row, two old high school friends - actual friends, not Facebook people, called me about talk of a high school reunion. So out of curiosity, I checked the site tonight and had a friend request from someone from high school, someone that I always thought was really cool and interesting. We've since exchanged nice long catch-up messages. She's even in San Diego which is one of my very favorite places as you all know.
So maybe Facebook isn't all bad.


Scarlet said...

You know I ONLY joined to learn more about my 25-year reunion, and it's turned out to be a place where I've reconnected with old friends (old Cuban friends from NY I lost contact with and cool friends like the one you described on here).

Like blogging, you start for one reason and love it for another. I hope you get what you can out of it, and let the rest of it go. I don't do the apps (I don't want to join any clubs or play mafia wars or buy/accept "drinks" from anyone...I hit the Ignore button and move on). I like the status lines and the personal messages. That's what I'm into.

Have a great weekend, Chica!! :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just never "GOT" Facebook, so I opted out maybe 6 months ago or so...Now, it seems, everyone is talking about Facebook, etc., etc., etc...But...I'm not re-joining...My Blog is enough for me and lots of people hae found me from posts I have written.....

I went to only ONE High School Reunion and though it was interesting in many ways--especially because 40 years had gone by...I found myself feeling very much like I did in High School and that did not make me too happy...! It was BOT my happiest!

The 60th Reunion is this year!
OY VEY! I couldn't go even if I wanted to---which I don't---because of "Health" issues....But I must admit there is a small part of me that would like to see what everyone looks like now---the numbers have deminished quite a bit now though, so God knows how many people will actually show up.

I hope you enjoy Facebook and use the parts that serve you. I never could find!

xup said...

I agree with Scarlett. I joined Facebook to play Scrabble with some local friends and next thing I know I reconnect with all sorts of old friends (and they cancelled Scrabble, so I don't even play anymore). Send me your Facebook name why don't you and we can be Facebook friends? (

Jammie J. said...

I keep forgetting to check my Facebook... thanks for the reminder!

raino said...

i also recently signed onto facebook. i really don't know what to think of it yet. i just find it so bizarre and sad in a way that for some of the folks that i have been chatting with, i haven't seen or heard from them in like 25+ years and now all of a sudden i'm speaking with them through cyberspace. odd.

Jazz said...

I joined Facebook and have gotten friend requests from people i know only online. 'Course I didn't put any information out there since I have no interest in connecting with people from high school. All in all I find it rather boring.

jeannette stgermain said...

Hmm, all my kids are on facebook, and one urged me to get on, so I did. But making a blog after 2 hours I thought, it's too much of a memory lane - I like life like it is right now, so I deleted my blog again!
After that, a few of my friends invited me, but I quess I'm settled, I have about 100 friends at Myspace and 50+ on Blogger, that's enough to keep me busy!

LoLa said...

I have a facebook experience blogpost, back when I was new to facebook, I was so excited. I'm not as bummed out as you got, but I know exactly what you mean about old anxiety. Isn't that ironic that we can still feel that after so many years? (well it's a lot of years for me, maybe not for you.) But I have really enjoyed connecting with friends from all over the world.