Sunday, May 03, 2009

Just Some Stuff with Irony

Do you have certain words that never look quite right to you? I'm like that with "bottling." I saw this truck on Wednesday and it nearly made my brain explode. I mean it's not a word you see every day. My brain wants to pronounce it as "Bott-Ling" even though I know it is "bott-uhl-ing." They should have spelled it "bottleing." Or not. My third grade teacher Miss Parker taught me so many great basic pronunciation rules but it seems like there are a trillion words that defy Miss Parker. You know what they are.
We went to The Tequila Factory tonight. There was a musician there and his range was so insane I can't even describe it. Oh and My Sweetie ordered a margarita and then I noticed it was red. I asked, "Why is your margarita red?" He had ordered some sort of Chambord margarita. I didn't know such a thing existed.
I didn't know hiccups could affect typing but they do. I have had to retype almost every third word. Hiccups both amuse me and irritate me. Sort of like a toddler. Hiccups I meant, not myself. Oh and getting back to that musician guy. He played all sorts of music, but the weirdest part was he looked like Garth Brooks with the cowboy hat and everything and he was playing this when we came in:

My Sweetie and I were cracking up and he said "I think he appreciates irony." Either that or he doesn't get it. Or maybe he had the hiccups.


Scarlet said...

Garth Brooks singing that's a great visual! :)

Bottling looks like it has too many consonants in it...and the word, "consonants" looks like it has too many vowels in it! Hmm.

The red margarita looks festive, and I like the name "Tequila Factory." Sounds like a fun place to be on Cinco de Mayo! :)

Jazz said...

Hiccups both amuse me and irritate me. Sort of like a toddler.This is just so perfect...

xup said...

I'm sitting here saying bottling over and over in various ways. I believe in the UK they DO pronounce it BOTT-ling. Here, I wouldn't say BOTT-uh-ling nor would I say BOTT-ling -- but maybe something in between like BOTTL-ing.

Carole said...

I don't necessarily have words that always look odd to me, but sometimes a common word that I use all the time will suddenly look strange when I see it or try to spell it. Always kind of weirds me out when that happens.

One time in school I had the hiccups and I went up to the teacher to ask if I could go get a drink, and he told me to hiccup for him. He just said, "Okay, go ahead and hiccup". My hiccups were gone instantly! And I've used that ever since on my kids, and they all, even the in-law kids think I'm the magic hiccup remover MoM! It has NEVER failed. Haha!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I agree with you on bottling...And as you said there are so many other words that seem weird....
I think the English Language is impossible....So many words that sound alike but mean different things...How anyone learns it who is from a Foreign Country, is beyond me....There are so many inconsistancies...(Now that spelling looks screwed up...LOL!)

geewits said...

~~You should try a little Chambord in your next Margarita. And surely you can find a good Mexican restaurant in Miami?

~~I love how you catch the little things.

~~heh heh, I'd love to hear how on earth you pronounce "BOTTL!"

~~Wow! That teacher was a genius. I can't wait to use that on someone.

~~No kidding! Not only words that sound alike that mean different things but that are actually spelled the exact same way too like "net" and "ball."

Ian Lidster said...

The world hiccups cannot help but look funny. I mean, it can be a serious affliction, but if you read that somebody had died of terminal hiccups, you would still kinda grin.

geewits said...

~~Yes, I would grin, then feel kinda bad.

Jammie J. said...

When I eat carrots on an empty stomach, I get hiccups. Also, the carbonation in Pepsi gives me hiccups, so I only drink Coca-Cola products. Except Dr. Pepper. Is Dr. Pepper made by PepsiCo? I think it might be. But it doesn't give me hiccups. I swear, I'm not making this up.

Oh, and carbonation is a weird word.