Thursday, May 14, 2009

Le Hodge De L'Podge

Funny Products: Last Saturday when we were at the grocery store, I spotted this in a freezer:
It seemed so stupid I had to take a picture. What is that? Chickensaurus Rex?
Today at my hair salon I saw this in the bathroom and for some reason thought of Jammie J (whose blog is no longer private if you guys want to visit):

Speaking of the hair salon, I was SO happy to get a haircut. It's still long enough to "put up" but it had gotten so bad that I told people that rinsing my hair after I shampooed it was like trying to rinse a pair of jeans wrapped around my head. For the last two weeks I had dreaded taking a shower because my hair had gotten so thick and heavy. It was hideous. Now I feel all light and breezy. And I know just what to do. (ha ha, did anyone get that reference?)
For the Frenchies out there: The French seem to have terms for situations that the English do not have so I'm wondering if there is an expression for the following (and I think everyone has experienced this): This morning while I was getting ready for Meals on Wheels my phone rang and I saw it was Mrs.V. I immediately thought, "Oh, no, what can it be?" Well she called to ask if I had a camera, (uhm, yep) and told me her cactuses were blooming and asked if I could take some pictures when I got there:

So I was all, OH NO! and then it was nothing and I really felt like an ass. Is there some foreign expression for that situation? And don't just say, "Yeah, you're an ass."


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The Cactus Flowers are GORGEOUS! I'd love to see the actual plant because I don;t recognize the flowers....!
That "Extingisher" stuff is! Someone gave me something called "CITRUS MAGIC" which is supposedly 100% Natural....I must say it works great...I have been using it for years and it is all lemony smelling....I know why you thought of Jammie J. lol.....!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Well, they do claim that modern birds are the decedents of dinosaurs. The cactus flowers are great.

Scarlet said...

I'll have to visit Jammie J. I always see her pic and comments and now I have to find out why a room freshener reminds you of her (?). At least it's a pleasant smell. :)

As for the cabbage flowers, they're awesome!

PS - My son loves those dino nuggets! Aren't they funky??

Jazz said...

Nope, I don't think there's any French word that covers that particular situation. Sorry.

geewits said...

~~It's the Texas Prickly Pear cactus and the cactus part is pretty ugly. She uses it to make some sort of tea for her diabetes.

~~So the bag should read "Dinosaur Descendent Nuggets?"

~~Do you say, "Tonight we're having dinosaur for dinner"?

~~We'll make one up. What's French for "inappropriate dread?" or "overblown apprehension?"

Carole said...

Funny Products:
Have you seen those frozen doggie treats called "Frosty Paws"? The grocery stores put them right in amongst the kiddie frozen treats. Great marketing stragegy! Doh!

Chickensaurus Rex...hee hee hee

Carole said...

oops that was suppose to be strategy...or as our former president said...strategerie. :)

geewits said...

~~I haven't seen the Frosty Paws in the store but I've seen an ad. I laughed at myself because I didn't notice your typo until you pointed it out!

Jammie J. said...

*innocent look* What??? What did I do?

hehehe... in some ways I'll always be twelve, I suppose.

That's a beautiful succulent flower. Like Naomi said, I'd love to see the whole plant!

Oh, and those dino-nuggets, man, kids these days are so spoiled. I remember being forced to eat what was on my plate, no matter what it looked like.

Oh, and I think they call that a Climactical Deflation.

geewits said...

~~Climactical deflation? Okay, except it sounds like bad sex.
The plant is ugly. I purposely tried to keep it out of the pictures.

ticknart said...

When I see a product called [whatever] nuggets, I immediately think of poo.

sa said...