Saturday, May 09, 2009

Beach and Beer Good

I am now just days out from my trip to North Carolina and my beach cottage. I spent the whole day printing out all sorts of different maps and things. Usually we fly straight into Wilmington and Mom picks us up, but Lo, my bestest buddy bought her first house almost a year ago and I have not seen it yet, so we are flying into the Raleigh/Durham airport so I can see Lo's house. We will spend Friday night there and drive down to the beach cottage on Saturday, stopping to see Mom's new house. A distance of 159 miles. (That's 12 kilograms Canadian.)


My brain is so full of stuff to take. Now that Mom has a real house instead of living in that camper thing, we can leave all the bulky items that you have to take like sheets and towels and kitchen towels, oven mitts and stuff so I'm picking out things I can live without here in Texas. And because the light pollution there is almost nil, I spent some time looking for my planisphere.

It's going to be nice to be able to name all the constellations we'll be able to see. I also called Mom to issue a "formal invitation" for dinner at my cottage on the 17th. I will be making my yum city shrimp boil using shrimp that I will buy off a boat right there on the island. Speaking of Mom, guess what she has been doing all week? (I am so laughing right now - literally) Well she has been working her ass off all week getting ready for the yard sale they are having this (Saturday) morning of all the junk that was left in the house they bought. Paybacks are hell. She has been calling me for prices and oddly she has agreed with everything I have said.


Of course everything will be easier for them because it's a laid back place and they can put signs pretty much anywhere and everywhere they want to. I had regulations to follow. Mom has been a real sweetie pie, though. Today she told me not to bring towels. She decided she needs new towels and will let me have her "old" ones. I've used them and they are lot nicer than what I was going to take. We will also be getting our birthday presents and she told me "I want to tell you now, so you won't have to buy as many groceries when you get here: I'm giving you some cash with your gifts so you can eat out more." She's so cute. She forgets about my semi-agoraphobia. I wouldn't eat out every day if it were free and I could have anything I wanted. I need my IN DAYS.


Anyway, I'm so excited about my trip that it pretty much occupies my thoughts at all times except, you know, those moments when I think, "Time for another beer."


Jammie J. said...

You sounds so up! That's awesome.

I had never heard of a planisphere before, so see there, you educated me today.

I love how paybacks do have a way of catching up... who knew it'd come so quickly, though?

I hope you have a great time... I'm sure you will.

Jammie J. said...

Sorry about the "sounds so"... my fingers stuttered. :)

Mr. Jazz said...

It's always time for another beer...isn't it?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This sounds like a wonderfully exciting trip! And you are really Psyched in a good way from what you say, which is GREAT! Spending time at the Beach and with your Mom......Cooking Fresh,oaresh Shrimp--right off the Baot...YUM YUM YUM! It is always WONDERFUL to get away and have a real change of scenery, isn't it? I Hope You Have A Great Great Time!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Ummm. "12 kilograms Canadian"? Either I need to learn the Canadian Metric system or them are damn good beers that you got there! :)

xup said...

Further to LGS & the 12 kilograms -- ha ha - nice try, but I don't think you're even really trying to do the metric conversion now, are you? They have an online thingy that does it for you, you know. 159 miles is about 256 kilometers. Metric is coming and it's creeping your way, too! Beware! Be prepared!

Scarlet said...

Sounds like your trip is going to be a lot of fun...and more roomy for you! I love the way your mom is making you feel at home already and btw, your shrimp boil sounds yummy!!

Don't forget your camera! :)

geewits said...

~~Up? Hey my name is probably there on the planisphere!

Mr. Jazz,
~~Always except right now. I'm about to go to bed.

~~Thanks. I plan on it.

~~Heh heh. I've been doing stuff like that for years but no one has ever mentioned it before.

~~(See comment to LGS)I know about the converters, I just do those "conversions" to amuse myself.

~~Roomy? We don't stay with Mom we rent a cottage on the beach. Is that what you meant? And don't worry, I will not forget my camera. I might even make some videos this time.

Ian Lidster said...

Have a wonderful trip.

Jazz said...

I'd think "time for another glass of wine" but you know that. We are so going to have to coordinate our vacations sometime; 'cause that cottage? I wanna go.

geewits said...

~~Thanks, I plan on it.

~~Maybe next year? We're going to go every year. And you won't have to paint. If you want to check it out before then, it's Ward Realty, Topsail Island and it's called "Ya'll Come South.