Thursday, May 07, 2009

May The Dust Be With You

My Star Wars shelf
Of the 15,000 or so shelves in my house, this is the one I most hate to dust. When I noticed my daughter had written her name in the dust a few weeks ago, I sighed and collected the "tools" I would need: dust mask, air spray can and tray. I gathered all the little Star Wars guys, put them in the tray and took them outside and blew the hell out of each little fellow with canned air. Then I dusted the shelf. I probably only do it twice a year or so. I mean how many shelves require that much effort to dust?
That picture on the back left is an autographed picture from Peter Mayhew. I didn't meet him but he was at one of my husband's work events. There's more little things on the side walls of the shelf you can't see. And what's cool is I didn't buy a thing. They were all freebies through My Sweetie's job except for my lightsaber and I "won" that at Dave & Buster's. Oh and my Darth Vader does this:

Earlier, when I was thinking about this post, I started thinking about lightsabers and wondering what the energy source could be and I was thinking maybe photonic ions and then I thought, "No. That's Star Trek." And then I thought about how geeky my thoughts were. But here's the thing: People who do not follow this stuff at all would think I was a total geek because I do know a lot of dorky fun details and histories, but to the "true fans" I would just be a muggle. Oh wait! That's Harry Potter.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL.....I am ashmed to say I know nothing about any of it, except that the Fans are Rabid...! And I think that is terrific! To feel so pasdionately about something is always a turn-on for me---Even when it is not something I know anything about....!
So I say, GOOD FOR YOU! Enjoy it!

Jazz said...

I think Star Trek is photons and Star Wars is protons.

Who the hell knows. It must be fun to chop an enemy to pieces with a beam of light though.

Scarlet said...

LOL - This post cracked me up, Chica!! I love your little video clips!

I also started thinking, wouldn't it be cool to blow canned air on kids (who hate taking baths!) and clean them that way?? Just a thought. ;)

Mr. Jazz said...

Canned Air is way underrated. Everybody should have some, just in case...

xup said...

I think I would invest in a shelf with glass doors -- if they were really nice and snug, you’d never have to dust.

geewits said...

~~You'd be surprised at the caliber of actors that showed up to guest star on the many "Star Trek" variations. I recently saw a Voyager episode with Joel Grey.

~~So you read SciFi but don't follow any of the moving media?

~~I don't think air can move fast enough to clean a little kid.

Mr. Jazz,
~~I'm an addict. I think I have 3 or 4 cans around at all times. I always need it for something.

~~That's just one shelf on a big piece, so that wouldn't work, but I do wish I had a dust-free place to put that stuff.

Jammie J. said...

I live with a huge fan of Star Wars. Interestingly, he's friends with a guy who's even more of a fan than he is. His friend's apartment would be a dusting nightmare. I can't even begin to describe how much Star Wars stuff the dude has in there. Let's just say that there's so much stuff, that his closets have more paraphanalia than clothes and sitting atop the frames that the Star Wars posters are in are little Star Wars figurines. Oh, and he has a Star Wars arcade game. In his living room. First thing you see when you enter.

My husband is also a huge fan of canned air. He sprays all the time.


LoLa said...

When I read your dusting equipment included a mask, I laughed my head off. Enjoyed the home video. Dare I say it? May the force be with you.

geewits said...

~~Doesn't everyone know a guy like that? One of My Sweetie's former bosses had a converted barn that was basically a private Star Wars museum. He even had life size figures!

~~What? Do some people dust without a mask?