Friday, May 29, 2009

Beach Trip Beginnings

We had a nice easy flight two Fridays ago and got to Lo's house in Durham around 11:30 p.m. We flew into Raleigh/Durham airport instead of flying directly to Wilmington, because I had not been back to Durham since Grandma's funeral and I wanted to see Lo's new house. Two of my high school buddies were there waiting for me and we partied well into the night (morning?). I loved her house and the next day I got to see more of it before My Sweetie and I took off on our little road trip. The ride was nice and easy and the highway had random spots of beautiful wildflowers which I took pictures of and we stopped at one rest area that had a WWII Howitzer. And wow! North Carolina has really nice rest areas. We stopped at Mom's new house and had a quick tour and visit and headed to our cottage. A few hours later, Lo arrived and we went to dinner at Daddy Mack's. It's a nice place we could walk to and was on the beach. We sat outside had great food, stopped by Buddie's (my bar) and headed back to the cottage to watch "Saturday Night Live" and about 5 minutes after the show started, this is what happened to My Sweetie and Lo:
I sat there on that loveseat and watched the show by myself and once when I got up to get a beer, as I was returning to my seat, when I stepped over My Sweetie, I clanged my foot into that fish table and broke my right pinkie toe:

That picture was taken on Monday when all that blood had washed into my foot (in the circled area). I guess my skin reflected the flash but that "bruised" area looked much darker in person. I guess you are thinking that if I am going to drink beer around the clock I should probably wear shoes. Yeah, that's not going to happen. With me and shoes it's First & Last: First things off and Last things on. And yes I did break another toe not long ago, but the other toe I broke was 33 years ago, so I was probably overdue. And I still have 7 good toes. That's plenty.
I didn't let my broken toe cramp my style. Between the beer and the etodolac that I take for my thumb, it wasn't really much of a problem. We joked that the fish had bitten me because I hit my toe right on that fish's mouth:

Saturday had been cloudy and we had even hit one rain spot on the drive down but Sunday morning started off sunny but cool. But by noon, it started to cloud up again and then was pretty much rainy through Tuesday. I felt really bad for Lo because she had to go back home Monday evening and didn't get any beach time. Those first few days with the bad weather I mostly spent on that loveseat doing sudoku puzzles, chatting, and watching silly TV. And enjoying the view from where I was sitting:

I don't have to be on the sand. As long as I can see the ocean, I'm good.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That toe and that part of your foot looke really like that had to hurt badly, to say the lesst. I know how painful that can be, having broken my little pinkie toe about 50 years ago....Not a lot of fun!
But it sounds like you got a lot of fun things in before that happened!

Scarlet said...

Your poor toe! It's painful to look at, so I can imagine what it felt like. I sprained my toe years ago and it hurt for weeks!

I love that last pic of the beach from the cottage. Rain or shine, what a view!

Jazz said...

Ow.owoowowowowowowowow, OW.

But that table kicks major ass.

As for the ocean, if I'm close enough to smell it, I'm a happy camper. It looks like a brilliant place.

xup said...

That IS a very cool table, even if it DOES attack non-sleeping humans. Toes are highly over-rated anyway. We don't need them for most of the really fun stuff in life.

Jammie J. said...

Man, you crack me up with your "seven good toes is plenty" comment. Hehe. And your shoes, first off, last on, that's pretty funny, too.

Your view was nice and relaxing... *happy sigh* So glad you're Reverse Vacationing for us.

Gnightgirl said...

Owmytoe hurts just looking at that pic. Wasn't there lots of swearing and hopping around? Did you wake everybody up?

I'm still jealous of your beach time, toe and all.

Jocelyn said...

OMG: broken toe??? NOOOO.

My husband broke his a few years ago on a piece of wicker--a fact that damaged his dignity. We pretended it had been an anvil.

But what pain. I'm so glad you have your beer.

geewits said...

~~All the fun things were AFTER I broke my toe!

~~I'm already a terrible couch potato. If I lived there I would have no reason to ever leave the couch.

~~You like that table? When I first saw it last year, I was all, "Whut?" But seeing it again this year made me feel at home. And then it bit me.

~~Yeah, and it's not like I had pretty feet to begin with.

~~I just wonder if I am going to keep breaking them one at a time. But they heal, just like everything else.

~~Well, when you really injure something it doesn't hurt as much as a minor thing. I mean it hurt, but I was more irritated thinking it might mess up my week, but it didn't. And yeah, I probably cussed. No hopping though.

~~On wicker? hahahahhaha! But don't tell him I said that. I have a very high tolerance for pain, so I was just mostly annoyed.

Lo said...

You handeled the broke toe great girl. You are a rock! And you ROCK! Don't feel bad about the weather, I was happy to lay around and rest! I was going 100 mph for weeks before that rip... I needed it!