Sunday, January 29, 2006

My NHL Day

Saturday we woke up to pouring rain. So?, you may ask. Well, so, it hasn't rained since Halloween. Yeah, do the math. Oh okay we had like 15 drops hit the patio on one or two occasions, but seriously it hasn't RAINED since Halloween. That's a LOT of dry.

My Red Wings tattoo went easily on my left cheek. I had wanted to put it on the right, but it doesn't fly that way. We took some pictures. I thought it looked cool. The drive to the American Airlines center was very rainy and we took an umbrella, but miraculously, the rain stopped just before we got to the parking lot. We had VIP parking which was really nice. Basically we just had to cross the street and go in the door. And the door was right by our seats. Oh but before we went to our seats, My Sweetie took a picture of me with the Pink Panther. Some man grabbed my beer out of my hand, which was funny, because, you know, the Pink Panther can't have beer in his picture. We were five rows up from the ice, right behind the goal. They were great seats except they were in the middle of the row, and I get up a lot. We lost which sucked. The game was tied, but we lost in the "shootout," which is a new NHL rule. And we got lucky again, and it wasn't raining when we walked back to the car. It was odd how easy it was with all the VIP stuff. It was no more taxing than going to a movie. A couple of times I looked way up at the people in the very upper tier and it gave me vertigo. It seems they would have had a much better view if they had stayed home and watched it on TV. We were mostly surrounded by Stars fans but there were a lot of Red Wings fans there including the family of four sitting right in front of us. The vendor that gave My Sweetie the tickets gave the other two to an asshole. He shows up late with his gal and says to me (I was on that side) "Oh, I heard about you guys, I DID have all four of these seats and then he told me he knew a big Red Wings fan." I thought it was horribly rude to say that. Like WE were putting him out. It's not like we stole the tickets or anything. What an asshole. When I returned from getting another beer, I came in from the other end and told My Sweetie to "Move down!" I wasn't going to sit by Mr. "Oooh, you meanies stole my other two tickets." Later, the pretty blonde on my right, who was wearing a Stars jersey winked at me. On another note, it was finally cool enough to wear my kick ass Duke jacket thet Lolo gave me and then I ended up getting nacho cheese sauce all over it. I'm glad it's machine washable.

So we get home and about an hour later the Duke game came on. I had been drinking beer all day and decided to take a nap during halftime. Of course I woke up with only about 1 minute left in the game although we did win by 19 points. But I would have liked to have seen it.

Mini Movie Review: I mentioned in this_post back in November that I watched Die Hard for the first time. Well tonight we watched Die Hard 2. It was okay, but not as fun as Die Hard. It didn't seem to have as much as the Bruce Willis humor I love. It seemed, well, rather hastily assembled compared to the first one. Good action scenes though, and a few twists and turns that were nice.

Oh I took this test called something like "What sort of American English do you speak?" Mine turned out to be 55% General American, 30% Dixie, and 15% Yankee. I told My Sweetie about it, he took it, and his came out 65% General American, 15% Dixie, 10% Yankee, and 10% Upper Midwestern. I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up with that 5% more Yankee than he had. The test is here: if you want to take it.

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Did the nacho cheese come out of the Duke jacket ok? MMmmmm nachos.....