Monday, January 16, 2006

A Shoe and a Movie Review

I wore a shoe! On Saturday we went for haircuts and to the Home Depot and I actually got my foot into a shoe. I had to use a shoe horn, and seriously undo the laces, but, by golly, I wore a shoe. It was funny because on either side of the tongue of the shoe were two dark (unfaded or undusty) lines about 1/8 inch each. It actually felt pretty cozy in that shoe and I got around okay, with only a few stabbing pains here and there. I'm doing Meals on Wheels on Wednesday for the first time in two months. Actually, I think my sister-in-law is going to drive me, so it will be pretty easy. I'm looking forward to seeing my people again. I hope my route hasn't changed any.

I'm not crazy about my haircut although I never am at first. It does feel nice to be rid of the dead ends, though. I ordered some Detroit Red Wings temporary tattoos to wear on my face for the game on the 28th. That should be fun(ny). They will be here in the Metroplex to play the Stars. On Friday I de-Christmased the guest room, which had been the bow and wrapping room. Now it's just a guest room again. I also got our San Diego pictures developed and have Lolo's package ready for the post office on Wednesday. I guess this week is the beginning of getting back to normal. I'm really looking forward to it. Normal can seem boring until you CAN'T do it anymore. Then you miss it. A LOT.

The reason we went to Home Depot was that the main bathroom toilet wasn't flushing properly so I had to get a new fill valve. It pi**ed me off that the one I had just put in recently (in the last year or so) was in the store and had a 5 year warranty. Yeah right. Anyway I got something different and it's all fine again. I wish I had a dollar for every toilet part replacement I've ever done. I also wanted to get some cool wall plates (or light switch plates, whatever you want to call them) for the guest room, but they didn't have anything even remotely interesting. I'm going to check out the internet tonight for those.

Mini-movie review: We watched Four Brothers. I had read some bad reviews and didn't know quite what to expect. Well I liked it. It wasn't very realistic in some ways but it was a good joy ride. There were the typical bad cops/badder thugs and hot-headed hero, but it had some sweet moments and some good comedy. The ending was really cool. An idea that's been a long time coming. Something you always thought would work, but no one ever tried before. If you like action with some comedy and sentimentality thrown in, check this movie out. Also, if you are an Oukast fan Andre 3000 was really good in this, nothing at all like his character in Be Cool.

Now I think I'm going to surf the net for some cool wall plates.

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