Friday, January 20, 2006

MOW: What Happened Was

I got up early (again), showered, dressed, put on make-up (again), filled the ice chest with ice (again) and went to the church (again). There was a lady inside packing her hot food chest and saw me come in with mine and said (incredulously), "Are you here to pick up? Because there's nothing extra here except two meals." So I pick up the envelope and there is no route sheet. I told the lady to take the two extra meals and went back out to my truck to call MOW. I got the answering machine of the volunteer coordinator and left a long message. Then I went to Italianni's (again) for lunch. Around 1:00 I called to check my messages. What happened was, the Friday guy "gets confused sometimes and he thought it was Friday. He realized it was Thursday halfway through his route and called in. So that clears up that mystery." Then she apologized for my waste of time and gas. It wasn't the time or gas I missed. It was the extra sleep and the make-up free face. I hate to wear make-up. And I hate to get up early. I sent an e-mail to My Sweetie and told him to listen to the message. He e-mailed me back that it "Sounds like (he) needs to be receiving meals, not delivering them."

Yeah, no kidding. I may be getting to that point myself.

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