Friday, January 27, 2006

MOW and Duke Won. Yay!

Looking down 5th ave. from the Gaslamp Plaza Suites
in San Diego

I wish I had taken that picture at a different time of day, since you can't see all the sidewalk seating areas because of the shadows. Oh well. If you've been there you know what it is. I liked our San Diego pictures with the exception that my hair looked hideous. I think it was some sort of karmic punishment for making fun of David Letterman's hair for 20 years. I used to always say that he looked like he had a dog turd on his forehead. Well when I got the pictures back, my first thought was, "It looks like I have a dog turd on my forehead." Payback is hell.

So finally Wednesday morning I was back in my Meals on Wheels groove. I got to the church to pick up the food and I had two new people and the were in apartments. I HATE apartments. I hit some of my regulars and was happy to see them then headed for the apartments. For the first one, my route sheet only gave information on how to get into the security gate. Nothing was working. Somehow, I ended up ringing some random person and just said, "Hi, I'm sorry, I'm trying to deliver for meals on wheels and can't figure this thing out." She said, "Okay, I'll let you in." The gate on my left opened and I drove around and around. Finally I saw a guy on a golf cart, flagged him down, and asked where building 26 was. He worked there and couldn't even explain it and told me to follow him. Ironically it was only one building away from what would have been the gate on my right. The next apartment complex instructions just said to park in an unnumebered spot and it was the first building on the right. Uhm, no. It was the first building on the LEFT! and the first unnumbered parking spot I found was NOT even close to it. So there I was hobbling around with my bad foot, but I FINALLY found the place. At least next time I will know where all this stuff is. And anyway next time, I'm going to pull into a numbered spot and put my emergency flashers on. I mean really. Anyway after that I was back to my normal people. It was great seeing everybody again. Then I went to Italianni's for lunch and Chris, the magician, did some new tricks for me. I watch him like a hawk and it drives me crazy that I can't catch what he's doing. Then I giggle and clap like a 4-year-old.

I didn't mention this before but Duke lost their first game last weekend and it was HORRIBLE. But we played again tonight (our comeback game) against a conference team (Virginia Tech) and kicked butt, so I feel so much better. My daughter Kate came over tonight for my Chicken casserole. It's my Grandmother's recipe which I updated for modern convenience. Her recipe calls for boiling a whole chicken and de-boning it. I simmer chicken tenders in Swanson's chicken broth, some water, poultry seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder and cinnamon. It was really good and then we watched several episodes of Buffy (we're now working thru season 4).

I'm so looking forward to the Red Wings/Stars game on Saturday and can't wait to post about it. That will be my next post.....


Phil said...

I love San Diego. I wish I could live there. It's a beautifil city and definitely an upgrade weather-wise from the Northeast.

Lolo said...

I've never been to San Diego, I'd love to check it out someday.