Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Man Shoes + The Weekend = Post

A year and a half ago I got tired of tight pinchy women's shoes and bought man shoes. On Wednesday I went shopping for new tennis shoes and after trying on a few pairs, I kept thinking, "What happened to the old days when new tennis shoes felt like a foot massage?" Then I was reminiscing about my teen years when I only bought guy tennis shoes and how comfy they were. Then I got my butt up and crossed the store to the men's section. I tried on these Nike Air Monarchs:
They were delicious to my feet! I didn't actually get to wear them until Saturday night and AHHHHH! It really felt like a foot massage. The cold front finally came through today so I should get to wear them more often now (I've been wearing my brown Man Sandals since I got back from New Orleans).
Speaking of weather, it has been so nice out since I got back that I have been sitting outside almost every single day and that worked out for the best because on Saturday I did a yard sale with my in-laws at their house. It was warm and sunny and we sat outside in the sun for 6 hours. I think I would have gotten a sunburn if I had not been getting sun all this time. When I ran down to Carole's house afterwards with all my sun and windblown hair, I looked like I had spent the day at the beach.
The yard sale was not very productive, although I did sell the big Christmas tree. On the drive home we decided that although we did not sell much, it had been a really good day. We never spend that much time with "the folks." My Sweetie's sister, husband and my littlest nephew (the one I babysat in 2007) stopped by and I got a great picture of Little AJ with his freshly won soccer trophy:

I also got a bag full of Little AJ's baby clothes for Carole's new grandson, some Christmas latch hook rug sets and a jig saw from my in-laws. They wouldn't let me buy anything. I've always wanted a jig saw. Now I want to cut something.
A little after we got home and unloaded all the stuff we didn't sell, we went to dinner at Razzoo's. It was great to hear Cajun music again! A few months ago I started taking a picture to send to Lo every time I left shrimp on a plate, so of course I got one there:

It's a running joke, because she NEVER leaves a shrimp. On her plate or anyone else's. That girl can eat some shrimp.
Today I had a nice lazy day. We watched the new "The Prisoner" on AMC and I like it. We own the original series. Now I think I'm going to take a long warm cozy shower and then come back and read some blogs.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I wonder why it is that the men's shoes would be more comfortable? I need to look into that! Those shoes look wonderful!

Very cute picture of AJ...!
I didn't watch that new series...I never get into the original one and I heard from friends that this one was not so good....Sp I am glad to hear you liked it!

VioletSky said...

I often end up buying mens running shoes, just go one size smaller than womens. I also buy mens ski jackets - they come in better colours, not being much into the pinks and light blues.

Anonymous said...

I buy man shoes lots of times - running shoes for sure, and sandals and I even have some lace-up Oxfords. And my Blundstones of course, which are unisex, but very man-foot oriented. And I don't even have big or wide feet- I just find them more comfortable. Also, your BIL brought a bunch of vaccines over for everyone?? How the heck are these things being distributed in Texas? Other places people have to line up for hours for one.

Jazz said...

I hardly eve wore sneakers before, but I'm definitely developing a taste for them the older I get.

geewits said...

~~Apparently men's shoes as well as clothes have always been better quality than women's stuff. I don't know why.

~~That makes sense about the colors. I've always liked men's jeans too because the waist is lower.

~~I just found out I should not have mentioned that and had to edit it out.

~~Too cool for sneakers? Is that a French thing?

Carole said...

Gee, yes you are as brown as a bear and looking good for winter with your Autumn suntan! "Only in Texas!" I've had no chance to get any sun, and when I finally did yard work yesterday, I had to wear a big shirt because it was cold. Blah!

My daughter loves the sweet baby clothes you brought over for the baby! Thanks again so much! You are such a sweetheart!

Man shoes, I'll have to give that a try, and little AJ is a cutie pie!

Jocelyn said...

I went through a phase of buying men's clothes, and that served me well...until about two years ago, when I decided they didn't fit me right. (I know, shoes are different!). Anyhow, it amazes me how subtle differences in cut can make ALL the difference.

Change of topic: when my cousin first got a jig saw, he found a freezer to cut in half. Go crazy, baby.

geewits said...

~~Only you could be cold while doing yard work!

~~A freezer? I was thinking wood.

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