Monday, November 09, 2009

Finally With The Haircut

Last February, I did a post about my dream haircut, which was this:
Of course I couldn't get it because my hair always has to be long enough to wear up in the summer or I will burst into flames and die of heatstroke. And then I couldn't get my hair cut before Halloween because I had to have hair to attach my "pigtails" to. And I even had some good hair days right at the end. This picture was taken last Sunday, the 1st of November:
But I already had my appointment set for less than 48 hours after my return from New Orleans. And I was SO glad, because my hair was so thick and heavy and almost impossible to comb out after a shower. But on Wednesday, I finally got my dream haircut:



XUP said...

Gorgeous! It's even the same colour and texture!! Now get into an outfit that's similar to the first photo, strike the same pose and post both of them together. That would be fun.

Jazz said...

Oh wow, it's wonderful. You look great!!!

Mr. Jazz said...

Simply beautiful!

VioletSky said...

Looks great!
I can truly identify with the thick, heavy, uncombable, hair when it gets long.

Carole said...

AND I LOVE IT TOO! G-G-eewits...glamorous and gorgeous!

ticknart said...

I think we all LOVE it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Gloria DeHaven..There You Are! Great Haircut!

I am going to read all about New Orleans now....I bet it was Great Great Fun!

geewits said...

~~But where on Earth would I find an ancient New Orleans door like that here in North Texas?

~~Why thank you missy. And from now on I'll try to keep my Monday morning e-mails to one sentence. ;)

Mr. Jazz,
~~Merci, monsieur !

~~Yeah, it's not pleasant.

~~It's funny that you haven't seen it yet. What's with that? ;)

~~You are very sweet. Thank you.

~~Oh Thank you so much. Mom thought it was Terry Moore and Ian thought it was Ida Lupino and we had no idea. And she was in one of my favorite old movies: Three Little Words.

mrwriteon said...

Lovely, dahling. And it's definitely Ida Lupino.

geewits said...

~~And you call yourself a journalist? Just type in Gloria DeHaven in Google Images and that picture pops up. Besides Naomi says so and she probably knows her. You can't argue old Hollywood stuff with Naomi. She knows everyone.

Big Brother said...

Gorgeous... hope you tipped well cuz she/he did a really good job.

Jocelyn said...

You are a 1950's femme fatale!

geewits said...

Big Brother,
~~I DID tip well, and he's a he.

~~Why thank you.

Anonymous said...

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