Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home Invasion

I just discovered this little guy in our library window. I wonder if he is big enough to eat the wasps that show up in the house this time of year?


ticknart said...

I know I'm missing the point of this post, but I have to ask: Library?

No matter the size of the actual room, just the fact that you guys call it a library, well, it rules.

Jazz said...

Yeah, it does rule doesn't it? The Library. I love it too.

And I love the lizard. Perhaps he was attracted by the books.

Around here the wasps disappeared a couple of months ago... *sigh*

Mr. Jazz said...

You now have a friend for life ;-)

geewits said...

~~I've posted about the library many times. It's supposed to be a formal dining room but we do not formally dine. There's a decent picture on the August 14, 08 post.

~~Our wasp season has just started. They will be sneaking into the house for the next few weeks and I will kill them dead.

Mr. Jazz,
~~I finally caught him late tonight and put him outside so he would have something to eat.

XUP said...

Wow. People pay a fortune to go to a pet shop and buy one of these critters up here. And there you are with them just creeping around willy nilly.

geewits said...

~~We actually have three different types of lizards in our yard, but they usually don't come inside.

Carole said...

Gee, he is a bit BIGGER than I pictured when you were telling me about him. The lizards that "sneak" into our house are usually considerably smaller. He also has a really long tail! He is probably happily catching bugs in your yard now! :)

mrwriteon said...


geewits said...

~~You probably get those baby geckos. We get those, too.

~~Yeah, he was pretty cool.

VioletSky said...

that is some tail on that critter!

and, Jazz *sigh*? I am so glad to be rid of those annoying wasps. there were masses of them everywhere.