Friday, November 20, 2009

Fred and I Are Annoyed

College basketball season started last week and I am thrilled and have seen my team play twice, but this post is not about that. During Tuesday's game, one of the announcers said something like, "Coach Deaks told Fred and I last week that....." What? Dude, You are an announcer on TV! Why? Why would you say that? I don't understand why people have such a hard time discerning the difference between "Fred and I" and "Fred and me." Even if you do not understand the concept of subjects and objects in a sentence just remove "Fred and" from the sentence and see how it sounds. "Coach Deaks told I last week?" No he DIDN'T. And if you were thinking of saying "Fred and me talked to Coach Deaks" and you remove "Fred and" you are left with "Me talked to coach Deaks." Uhm, nope. Not unless you are two years old. Or a baby cartoon character or something. Me say NO!
I'm not a prickly stickler about everything grammar. If I were watching a movie and an old cowboy said, "Me and Clem's going to go look at that old barn." Well, I would have no problem with that. I'm also very lenient with bloggers if they write as if they were speaking casually. If someone is a casual "speaking" blogger and writes "Me and Fred had a blast Friday night!" I'm okay with that. But that TV announcer, he should be held to a higher standard.
Speaking of the internet, it's getting worse and worse. After years of cringing through all the "your"/"you're" mishaps, yesterday I saw a comment somewhere with "there" used TWICE in the same sentence instead of the correct "They're." It read something like "There always doing that on reality shows and there getting away with it." Little tiny sparks in my brain exploded all over the place. Why?!!? Why can't people get these simple things right?
I guess I need to stop thinking about it, but seriously, the sports announcer? I hope his producer or agent or mom or someone told him not to do that again.


Anonymous said...
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Jazz said...

Oh I so feel your pain. Those things drive me insane too. And they drive me insane in two languages - and I think it's worse in French...

XUP said...

Stuff like this doesn't drive me as crazy as it used to. Since I started reading blogs I've seen a lot of creative grammar and it's just gotten to be amusing now. The funny thing is, when people say "Fred and I" they think they're sounding more educated than if they said "Fred and me"

Carole said...

Arr you saying that their's lotsa things to annoy you when you sea peaces of bad grammar? :D

geewits said...

~~But fortunately for me if a French speaking person were butchering the language, it would still sound beautiful.

~~So true and I wonder why they think that. Maybe The Millionaire on "Gilligan's Island" spoke that way. Who knows?


Marja said...

Hi Fred and me I think I do that one right but I make many other mistakes but than again I am dutch
But no excuses I like to get it right too

geewits said...

~~I do not expect people who speak English as a second language to follow all the rules. I'm just impressed when people speak two or more languages.

Big Brother said...

Geewits, as an English teacher I feel your pain, at least when my students make a mistake they can say that it is their 2nd language.