Saturday, July 08, 2006

Life's a Beach!

I'm pretty excited. In a few hours short of two weeks from now I will be in North Carolina, about 7 miles from the beach. My Mom and Step-Dad have parked their pull-out fifth wheel at a permanent spot down there. My Step-Dad is coming back for several weeks to do some work, so I'm going to go down and stay with Mom for a week. My very best friend, Lolo, is going to take a long weekend to visit with me for the first 3 or 4 days, and I think my friend Kim may visit after that. I'll have to write down all my favorite blogs because I have them on bookmark here. Also, I don't even know my password for my own blog, so I guess I'll have to figure that out if I want to post from my Mom's computer. I'm terrible with passwords. I once had the password "chair" on a website because that's the first thing I bought from them. I've been trying to be more consistent, and maybe my blogspot password is the one I've been using lately. I don't even know how to find out except trying to get on it from another computer.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing, smelling and hearing the ocean. I LOVE the ocean. Not so much getting into the ocean, more seeing, smelling and hearing than FEELING. And I'm looking forward to some great seafood. The only negative aspect of the trip is having to visit my grandmother. I mentioned her on . She is doing poorly and is not a very pleasant person. I realize that I would not exist if she didn't exist, but I never liked her. I was a bed wetter as a child and when I had to stay with her she made me wear diapers at bedtime. And I'm sure it didn't help that Granny (my paternal grandmother) spoiled the hell out of her 4 grandkids. The comparison between the two was like night and day. Plus with Grandma I was just one of - okay I have no idea, but my guess is - 15 grandkids. With Granny (to use a Star Trek term) I was "Three of Four." I really miss Granny. She was so cool. She introduced me to some great books. And we used to love watching "Perry Mason" together.

So less than two weeks and all I have to do is get my hair colored and buy some beachwear. I'm getting my hair done Wednesday after Meals on Wheels. I have no idea when or even from where the beachwear will be purchased. I guess I should figure that out.

TV Stuff: The first Big Brother was GREAT! I'm really looking forward to all the killer backstabbing and plotting. I wasn't expecting such an intense first episode. Also the season opener of Monk was good, but my new favorite summer show is "Psych." We really enjoyed it. It was odd that I had read good and bad reviews and kinda felt like I would like it based on the premise but it was even better than I thought. It airs Fridays at 10:00 E / 9:00 C. It is fun stuff. Yay finally some good summer television!

Oh and in two weeks, I'm going to the beach. Double Yay!

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