Monday, July 03, 2006

Invasion of the Sticky Paws

I finally got the pictures developed of Rufus. In the first picture he is lying on the hassock that was intended for the cats (and the other cats enjoyed lying on it and looking out the window) but Rufus decided it was also a scratch post, so I replaced it with The Castle. In the 3rd frame he is on top of one of the library shelves. He's not allowed up there anymore, but he was spoiled when he was new. That painting is a painting of my Dad that his friend Henrik Ravn (a Dane) painted when they were working in the Dominican Republic together back in '72. Dad said they would hang out every night and drink and talk. Dad imagined that canvas must be about 1/4 inch thick because Henrik just kept painting over and over it. Oh and that's Lilly's rump peeking out of the inside of the castle.

Speaking of Rufus, I discovered the joys of stickypaws . My best friend, Lolo, told me about this product and now, thanks to Rufus, Sticky Paws is starting to take over my house. It seems like every couple of days I'm putting a new strip someplace. I've always bragged about how easy it is to train a cat to use a scratch post. Now, I'm eating crow. Lilly really spoiled me for cats. She is a VERY good cat. I trained Rufus the same way I trained Lilly and he DOES use the one scratch post, but he's not into exclusivity. So every time I catch him having a go at a piece of furniture I jump up and grab the Sticky Paws. He's also a paper chewer, which drives me crazy. He'd go crazy if he were allowed in the bathroom with all the bits of stripped wallpaper on the floor.

Speaking of wallpaper, it is slow going, but it's going. I did a goofy little drawing on artpad to show my progress. It's here: I've never linked to artpad before, so I hope it works. As you can see - if it works - I am no architect. It's not straight or to scale. The two "done" sections are completely done from floor to ceiling, although there are several other areas that are at least half stripped. I should scan a piece of the wallpaper just to show how freaking hideous it is, but I can't tonight because My Sweetie is asleep and I don't want to go in there. It sure felt good today to have those two sections totally cleared. I won't be doing any more until Thursday. Monday I'm going to make quiches - for some reason, that's an all-day affair. Tuesday (the 4th!) will be a fun day with My Sweetie and Wednesday of course is Meals on Wheels day.

I'm looking forward to a bunch of TV shows coming up: "Big Brother All-Stars," "Monk," and the new show "Psych." The only fresh programming we are currently watching are "Meercat Manor," "The 4400," and "The Dead Zone." We like "Rescue Me," but always forget to watch it. We watch a lot of "Frasier" on DVD. And every 3 days or so we get our Netflix movie. We just watched Omega Man. I forgot how dated it looked, but it's still fun.

Happy 4th of July and make your own fun fireworks here:


J. said...

Ohhh, Rufus is so precious. He looks like a small boned kitty. He's so pretty. Sticky paws, huh? Sounds like a good product.

hope you have a good 4th. :)

Lolo said...

Sticky paws is the best! That drawing you did of the bathroom was too funny.

Phil said...

Welcome back! It's about time!