Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Short Summary of So Far

It was loud.

It was dusty.

It was inconvenient.

And they didn't leave until 7:35 pm!!!

That was too long.

I will have them out of here by 5:00 today.

Seriously, that was too long.

(The pic was taken in the early afternoon. Most of the tile has been laid. As Naomi is wont to say: There will be more to come...)


Anonymous said...

Ah, but the longer they stay, the quicker they leave in the long run. Hang in there.

- Jazz

VioletSky said...

renovations are hell. time to run away and come back to finished, job.

then again, I've never done it, either.....

Carole said...

Day two, finished! Almost done and ready for your new floor party. There is going to be cake & ice cream, right? :)

geewits said...

~~You were so right! They were finished and gone by 4:35. Yay!!

~~I really really felt like running away, but didn't want ot leave strangers in my house alone.

~~Over, done with, gone! Cake and ice cream? They don't go so well with beer.

Carole said...

Then dancing and beer it is! So glad they got done so quick too!