Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not Much Ado About Anything

I got the rest of my doorknob/handle/lever/things on Friday and installed them on Saturday. All of those were for the inside doors. Now I'm looking at the doors that go outside. That dog was in front of me at the home improvement store. I feel like I'm going there as often as I go to the grocery store. But there are no little shaky dogs at the grocery store.


I was sitting on the floor the other night watching my team play and I noticed this footprint in the carpet next to me: It's my footprint. I have the flattest foot in the world. Like Fred Flintstone.


Now I'm just 3 weeks away from my trip. Last week I was all excited and now I'm thinking: Three weeks!! What? I have so much to do! What am I going to pack? I need to get more sun! I need to work out my feet on the treadmill more! I'm sure I'll be very productive this week, and next week I'll be all excited again.


On the basketball front, my team lost and my brackets are shot. For some insane reason I am in third place in the brackets but I think it would take a crazy miracle for me to win the money. But that's okay. Life is good. Spring is here and we had a great date night Saturday night. We saw Limitless and I really liked it. The premise seemed somewhat unique and there were lots and lots and lots of great New York City shots. Hey! I'm going to New York! I can't wait!


Mr. Jazz said...

That dawg is kinda keeyoot. Sorry 'bout your basketball team not pulling their weight. My hockey team (the Montreal Canadiens) lost three games in a shutout!!!! Not a fucking goal for 182 minutes (and counting). Just before the playoffs begin too so it's not looking good on the eastern front.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your feet ARE flat. That footprint looks so strange.

- Jazz

geewits said...

Mr. Jazz,
~~Yeah that can be pretty frustrating for a fan. I know.

~~Not an arch to be had.