Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Odd Week So Far

I didn't wake up right on Monday. First off, I slept too long and that always screws me up. Sometimes it will go away in a few hours, but it didn't. It took me forever to come up with something for lunch. And that's bad because I take my heart pill with lunch and I try to keep a consistent time each day, but by the time I finished lunch it was 3:00. And for some reason I had only bought enough stuff on Friday to make dinner through Sunday. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to the grocery store feeling all slow and stupid. I did manage to come up with something for dinner that was actually pretty good.
I woke up great on Tuesday, and I expected that because fortunately, I'm never deadheaded two days in a row. I even woke up early, all refreshed. I broke out my new easy peasy electric screwdriver and replaced all the doorknobs. (new):

The store actually didn't have enough when we bought them so I have to get three more, but I replaced all that I could, and I chose the main ones that we see. I guess "doorknob" isn't really the right word because there really are no knobs involved, but I don't know what else to call them. Are they door levers? Door handles?
I really like that type because you can open a door with an elbow. You can't do that with a knob. Well, I can't. Maybe you can. And I have osteoarthritis in my thumbs and you don't even need thumbs to open these. You just push down with your fingers. You pretty much need a thumb with a knob.
So to recap: Monday = deadhead and lifeless, Tuesday = alert and productive.
Well Wednesday was really unique. I actually got up, showered, got ready, and ran out to pick up something for lunch. I never do that. Seriously, I have done that maybe once a year in the past 4 years. Then after having lunch, washing the sheets, taking a little nap, emptying the dishwasher and washing the pans, I went to the grocery store. (If you are someone reading this blog for the first time ever, I used to be about 95% agoraphobic/anxiety/never leave my house and that's why I am so proud of myself for going out to get lunch.) So I was very pleased with myself. I recovered nicely from deadhead Monday and got a lot done. But to be honest I'm looking forward to today being an IN day. I actually did a little clapping cheer that went like this: Thursday IN day clap clap clapclapclap.
I think I will putter around, relax, and admire my new door thingamabobs.


Jazz said...

I wish I could have an "in" and admire your new door thingamabobs with you. Cause guess what? It's SNOWING!! /$%#"@ Did I sleep through the year and now it's November again?

emerrube said...

yay! new door thingamabobs! they look nice. I like those kind better too, but we have knobs in our house. Someday they'll change. When I get off my lazy butt and go buy some...and then get off my even lazier butt and actually put them up.

ugh, it snowed here too. :( which semi-cracks me up since I read the comic non-sequitur (Dana is on a rant about there being snow even though it's technically spring).

geewits said...

~~I feel for you, I really do. Maybe take a quick jaunt to NYC in April. Or are you going to Turkey?

~~I recently saw that on another comic. It must be a recurring theme. It's all 80's here. We just need rain.