Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Stupid (and injured because of it)

I woke up this morning and my mouth was totally dried out and my tongue was stuck to the bottom of my mouth and when I was able to detach it, it actually pulled skin from the bottom of my mouth and it hurt. And all the while, that humidifier was sitting in a box on the kitchen floor.
Lesson learned.
Unrelated Addendum 12:51 a.m. (CST) 12/21/10: Because the moon is straight overhead, I am able to watch the lunar eclipse through my living room skylight. How cool is that?


haphazardlife said...

I had that problem for about 6 months - in summer. Then for no reason it stopped as suddenly as it had started. Hope the humidifier works.

- Jazz

lgsquirrel said...

Ooo. Sounds painful. Hope it doesn't happen again. Enjoy the eclipse.

Lo said...

Ha! It sounds like a dog would be saying that about waking up. Too funny! I hope you got it out of the box, water in it and plugged in!!

Big Brother said...

Boy your place must be dryer than he Sahara desert. We missed the ecilpse, too cloudy. ;o(

Pearl said...

My humidifier, here in Mpls, has been running pretty much since October!



geewits said...

~~Yes that and my mouth doesn't seem to be working properly.

~~Hi! Yes, it makes perfect sense that you have to start yours much sooner.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How great that you got to see the Eclipse---We couldn't see a bloody thing here because of the Rain and it being so Foggy and overcast...Too bad, it being such a Historic one.