Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Wrap

I can't believe Christmas is over! We had a fun weekend, but it seems like it went by too fast. That deep fried cajun turkey was excellent and I'm very impressed that the restaurant had lost my order and managed to come up with a turkey at the last minute. I called Thursday night to get my pick up time for Friday. I imagined it was 3:00 but couldn't remember for sure. We had ordered it way back on November 21st. The girl was all flustered and said she would call me back that she had to "look it up." She called back about 10 minutes later and asked if maybe my order was under a different name. Whoa! Alarm bells went off in my head. She even said they were out of turkeys. She told me she would call her general manager and call me right back. She did. She adamantly told me that I would get my turkey. The GM called me the next day to verify my exact order and everything was fine. I was very pleased.
Our last minute Christmas eve shopping was almost anti-climatic. We ran into Target for some gift cards and didn't even have to stand in line. Then we stopped in a restaurant for a gift card and had a beer and we were done. We stopped by the grocery store for some last minute things and came home. Of course, like we do every other year, we forgot to get Christmas day lunch food. We always forget that everything is closed on Christmas. So our Christmas lunch was convenience store hot dog and taquitos. And by lunch, I mean breakfast. Because I only eat lunch and dinner. And lunch is my first meal, just an hour or so after I wake up, so I guess it is breakfast. But I always call it lunch because it is 1:00 pm. And it's not breakfast food. I am not a fan of breakfast food.
My daughter and her husband (I am still trying to get used to saying that) came over Saturday evening. We had a fun time.
Oh wait! I forgot something. On Thursday, My Sweetie set up the x box kinect. It's the newest technology where you just use your body. There is no controller. On Friday night we did the dance contest and played a few sports games. You control the game with your arm in the air like Tom Cruise does in Minority Report. It's really funky. The thing is you have to stand a certain distance from it and our living room set up didn't work for that, so late Thursday night, we rearranged the whole living room and on Friday we had to move the Christmas tree. It was all a little crazy.
Anyway we all played the dance game Saturday night and my daughter's husband was hilarious. Very deer in headlights, and gave up pretty quickly. My daughter was the master and won hands down. We had a great meal and they probably were here longer than they ever stayed before (not counting that crazy night where they came over after 2:00 am and stayed til almost 6:00 am.)
Sunday we went to my MIL's house. My Sweetie and I are usually overwhelmed by the kids and the tight quarters but we made the best of it and my FIL was up the whole time which is very unusual. We had a good time and shared lots of laughs. Everyone was in high spirits and the kids were all fun and happy.
I got lots of great meaningful gifts. I'm looking forward to using the two great restaurant gift cards we got. I'll be wearing all my Duke wear for years to come and will have a big smile every year when I pull out my sweet Christmas decoration that Lo made for me. I love all my gifts and I had a great long Christmas weekend, that started on Thursday when Carole came by for our gift exchange and visit. Now in just a few more days we will have our shrimp and crab leg boil, do our noisy poppers, drink champagne and ring in another year of adventures and fun.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good Christmas. You know, you look about 10 years old sitting there on the sofa...

- Jazz

Anonymous said...

You have such a post-Christmas expression on your face. Happy New Year to you, my friend.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Except for the lost Ordr---(Very Mercury Retrograde...!) it sounds like your Christmas was pretty perfect...!
I am unfamiliar with the Techno thingy..But that sounds like a lot of fun too!
MERRY MERRY, and now, On To NEW YEARS!!!!!

Carole said...

...and now it's time for a long Winter's nap. Well...maybe after New Years! Seems everybody needs a vacation from their vacation.

geewits said...

~That sounds about right!

~I was newly awake. And thanks!

~I love frivolity! There will be more on Friday night, I'm sure.

~No kidding. My Sweetie is taking the 7th, 10th and 11th off to recover from the season.

Big Brother said...

You look like a little kid winding dow from opening all her presents. I hope your New Years bash will be just as fun. I wish you and your Sweetie health, love and happiness in the New Year.

geewits said...

~~I wish you the same! And thank you.