Thursday, January 07, 2010

W.T. Cold

There's an Arctic Front moving in right now and as they used to say (or maybe they still do) in North Carolina, "It's going to be as cold as a witch's titty." About 90% of the local news tonight was about this cold front. It's supposed to be 23° on Thursday and 27° on Friday and those are the highs. The highs without the wind chill factor. And the lows? In the teens. THE TEENS.
Some of the news showed people shopping for this weather and said hats, gloves and scarves were selling out. And I was thinking, "There are hats, gloves and scarves? Is there a hats, gloves and scarves store?" Because I never see those. I do not own a winter scarf. I have a pair of gloves that I keep in my truck in case of an emergency but I have never worn them. And if I remember correctly, it took me a long time to find those gloves in a store. I think I bought them 8 or 10 years ago. I suppose I should wear them on Friday.
And yes, Friday, my first day back delivering food, it will be 27°. I can't imagine the food will stay very hot, even in the container. But at least I do not have to take ice for the milks. I think I'll just put them in the bed of my truck.


XUP said...

Maybe we should start sending down care packages of winter gear?? Is your truck in a garage overnight? It can be hard to start a vehicle if it's been in the cold for a long time - something about the fluids thickening up. As for you -- remember "layers" are the best way to go. Thin polyester fabrics next to your skin so they'll wick off any sweat and keep you from getting chilled. Good luck!

Jazz said...

You poor things. But why would witches have cold tits?

XUP said...

Jazz - Witches have cold tits because a) they're cold-blooded creatures and b) because they have those long, droopy tits which just kind of swing free under their big black dresses which makes them extra cold.

Carole said...

We are all "winterized" here. Hoses off the faucets, faucets covered, etc. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and sometimes it does freeze in Texas! :D

mrwriteon said...

Why, it's all to do with global warming -- isn't it? And in response to Jazz's query, every red-blooded boy knows that witches have cold tits.

Big Brother said...

Hey geewits are you sure you haven't moved to Qu├ębec? ;o)

Gnightgirl said...

You don't have a scarf?!! Scarves, shawls, and pagmina's are my greatest accessory, I have an entire trunk of them!

Also, I don't like anything cinched around my neck, even a standard t-shirt makes me feel like I'm choking. A scoop-neck T so I can breath, and a pretty little scarf draped over, and I'm almost all dressed up!

geewits said...

~~Layers are the plan. Also thanks for the truck news. I'll let it warm up for a bit because it is outside.

~~Who knows? It's probably an old English expression.

~~Yes, we have also done all water pipe cautionary stuff.

~~I wish my globe were warmer right now.

~~No kidding!

~~I'm the same way about stuff around my neck. My best winter way to go is with a big thick pullover hoodie thing. That's all I need.

Jazz said...

@XUP - See!? Didn't I say you knew all?

XUP said...

Jazz - I just made that up.

Mr. Jazz said...

Welcome to our world Geewits: it's like that more or less 6 months of the year up here in the great white north.