Wednesday, January 27, 2010

File Under: Huh???

I got a wonderful gift today from a total stranger in the form of a wrong number text. The text read as:
I just framed "Grandpa Monkey".
I just might us[e] it as my own,
personal birth announcement!
It cracked me up and I have probably looked at it 10 times since I received it. I actually called the number to see if maybe I knew the person but the guy said his name on his voice mail and it is a total stranger. What the hell?


Jazz said...

I love it... damn, the things that happen to you! I wish people would text... oh yeah, I don't have a cellphone. Damn.

XUP said...

Ha ha! Sometimes my daughter sends me texts that are meant for her friends. It's an interesting glimpse into someone's life you don't normally see. Text the monkey guy back!

Gnightgirl said...

Hilarious! I would totally text him back and admit you're curious. I recently got a text message that said "man, I haven't felt this great since I did drugs as a kid." Turned out it was an acquaintance that had my name to donate beanie babies to our organization. Poor woman was mortified, but we had a good laugh, texting back and forth.

geewits said...

~~Pretty hard to get a weird text without a cell phone.

~~Text him back? Too late now.

~~That's hilarious. That poor lady!