Monday, January 18, 2010

Me and Me and.....

Ticknart's brother's friend appeared on a recent episode of "Scrubs" and Ticknart gave me a link to the guy's website. I was fascinated by the picture on the guy's site and couldn't stop thinking about it. When you first see the picture, you think it's a picture of a bunch of guys in someone's backyard. Then you realize they are all the same guy. That is such a cool thing for an actor because it shows the guy in many guises. So if you were a casting agent and looked at that you could quickly see if he would fit whatever type you were casting.
As a graphic artist, it fascinated me on another level. I'm not a photographer and can't even imagine how he took all those pictures outdoors and didn't have a lot of lighting problems. From an astronomy perspective you'd have to take one picture very day at a specific time, and not the same time because the relationship of the sun and the earth changes every single day. From a graphic artist perspective, I was thinking how much work it would be to do all the color correction if he took the pictures all day long on a single day. Anyway, here is the COOL PIC and you can see it for yourself.
I decided to try it in a controlled lighting situation and took a bunch of pics of myself right here in this room over by the bar. This is how mine turned out:
It's a little dark, but I did that on purpose because I am old. Old broads look better in the dark. Unlike my usual pics you should be able to click on this one to see it larger. It was a fun experiment and I'd like to try it again and put a little more time into it. You should try it too.


VioletSky said...

that is so cool. the geewits quintuplets!

and I have no idea how you did that.

Lolo said...

Too Cool!!!

Mr. Jazz said...

Great Pic! Photoshop?

Jazz said...

Great pic. Love this. How very very cool.

mrwriteon said...

That's really intriguing. The ultimate in photographic schizophrenia.

Big Brother said...

Wow cool I'm impressed. Did you do it with photoshop or by using multiple exposures on the same photo. One way or the other you can have your own party all by yourself.

Gnightgirl said...

Love it!

geewits said...

~~I used a tripod and Photoshop.

~~Thanks, it was fun, too.

Mr. Jazz,
~~Yep. That and a tripod.

~~Why thank ya, missy.

~~That's funny.

Big Brother,
~~Can you even do multiple exposures on a digital camera? I haven't read the advanced booklet.

~~Thanks! Easiest Photoshopping ever.

ticknart said...


I like how one, and only one, of you is looking at the camera. It just adds so much to the story of the photo.

Carole said...

Looks like ALL of YOU are having a great time! What a fun picture! I hope you sent a copy to your mom. That way she can have you in five different shots all in one. So clever!

geewits said...

~~Thanks! I really like your comment.

~~Mom would probably roll her eyes and say, "That's so silly." Then she would go grab a beer.