Saturday, January 16, 2010

Go Ahead, Make My Day

After only two weeks delivering meals in my new area, I have already staked out my new place for lunch and beerses. This bar/restaurant has everything and a great menu to boot. They have the NTN trivia game which I really like but for some reason today they were re-running the same games from last Friday. I've never seen that happen before. So I decided to do my USA Today crossword puzzle. There was this one clue: Cinnamon-yielding tree, and I felt like I should know it but couldn't think of it to save my life. This young girl came in and sat to my right and I asked her if she might know it. She said, "Just a moment and I'll find out." She picked up her phone and I figured she had one of those phones with internet on it, but she actually called someone. She asked the person on the other end, "Do you know the name of the tree that makes cinnamon? I'm at this bar and this girl is doing a crossword puzzle and I thought you would know." And all I could hear was that she called me "this girl." And it tickled the bejeebers out of me. Call me vain and silly, but it really made my day.
The girl that made my day is the one on the right holding my crossword puzzle: Usually when you are chatting with someone in a bar and their friend comes in they turn away to focus on their friend, but my bar buddy and her friend were very friendly. We chatted a bit off and on. My bar buddy, who is 30, was very interested in doing Meals on Wheels and I told her that the area near her house (the area I left) always needs people. She took the number for MOW. Her friend was fun too and told us a great story about religion.
I floated around all day after I left, replaying those words in my head: this girl. She really made my day. Oh, and the word? Cassia


VioletSky said...

and there wasn't even a million bucks to be won.

so the route with the apartment block from hell is getting better?

hey... I have a story posted that also includes being called a girl!

geewits said...

~~Are you psychic? I'm referring to your million bucks reference because her friend could not answer the question and she said, "My 'phone-a-friend' failed us."

I had no problem this time with that aprtment complex, but my route had already changed a little and I had two new apartment complexes but for some reason drove right to the apratments this time.

You go, girl!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That would make my day, too! LOL! And she got the info, to boot!

BTW: It never occurred to me or any of us that those green things were the tops of The Carrots--they looked too short for that, plus there were kind of a dark green, but I bet you are right!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember the last time someone called me a girl (niff, sniff) I always get ma'am. I hate that.

Mr. Jazz said...

Nobody ever called me "that girl"...

geewits said...

~~No, her friend did not know the answer. I figured it out later. But I sure am glad I asked her!

~~Me too!

Mr. Jazz,
~~Well that's good.

Jazz said...

This girl. Wow.

And she called a real person. Also wow.

But "this girl" really wow...

geewits said...

~~My reaction exactly!

Carole said...

Gee, my daughter told me about this new service where you can text or call some number and ask any question and get the answer real quick. She has used it a couple of times. When it first came out, she told me that they called it so many times in a row, the "answer people" told them they had exhausted the system and banned their phone number for about 3 days! haha